Keeping it real... Christmas

My goal was to be completely decorated for Christmas by December 1st with the thought that I could then enjoy the rest of Advent as a sane person. News flash to me today, it's not gonna happen. That seems to be the story of my life recently... 

homemade rolls and a beautiful pecan pie for a Christmas party tonight... not gonna happen

a clean house that smells good to relax in... not gonna happen

a Saturday afternoon to myself to go Christmas shopping... not gonna happen

a kitchen that stays clean for more than .5 seconds... not gonna happen

You get the idea. I feel a little defeated today. Am I over-excerting myself? Probably.

Let's refocus. Have I accomplished anything of value this week? Yes. 

The main living room is in fact mostly decorated. The tree is up with ornaments on it. Lights are twinkling, four out of six stockings are hung in a most creative way. The party tonight will have a pretty homemade pumpkin pie and store bought pecan pie and rolls. Christmas cds are playing, and a few gifts are in the trunk. 

While the list of things to do is whirling in my head, I want to remember why we do all this. We're throwing a big party for the single most important person in our lives. Christ Jesus deserves to be honored and celebrated. I do my best to make this season most special for my kids because Jesus is most special to me and I want them to know that. 

It is so easy to get overwhelmed, to be crazy and distracted to the point of saying "What's the point anyway?" And vow to never plug in another strand of tangled-up lights. But we will. Because when the season rolls around, we can't help but be excited. We can't help but make it special. Does Jesus care how many wreaths are hung? Is he concerned with every light lighting? No, but he is concerned about our hearts, and he wants to be the center. He wants us to be excited about him. Jesus' entrance into humanity was essential to His sacrifice on the cross and our salvation. I can't think of a better reason to decorate every inch of my house and throw a big 'ol party for 25 days.

So I'm going to keep decorating, keep filling advent calendars, keep wrapping presents,  keep telling my kids that I am so thankful Jesus came as a baby, keep a song of thanksgiving and praise in my heart. And if I do that, I'll be able to keep discouragement out of my head and a smile on my face.