Help! I'm cranky!

In case you were unaware, it is the season of giving thanks. Gratitude is taking on a new meaning for me. Less of a once-a-year think of all the good things the Lord has showered on me and thank him for them, and more of a daily giving thanks in all circumstances kind of thing.

My daily circumstance today started out with Monkey disobeying. Before she was even out of her room, she had broken the rules. My kids are early risers. Early. If I let them, they would get out of bed by 6 am every day. So I established a rule when Monkey was little that they had to stay in bed until 7 am. She even has an alarm clock that lights up at 7 am. It's pretty simple. If the light is off, stay in bed. If the light is on, feel free to roam about in footed jammies to your heart's content. Monkey is fully aware of the rules, as she is reminded almost every morning when she trots into our room and pokes my shoulder until my glossy eyes focus on her long enough for her to ask if she can get up. What time is it? I ask. I don't know she replies. Is the light on? No. Get back in bed.

This morning I happened to be up in the living room with Baby when she made her first and second attempts at an early exit to which I offered calm, gentle reminders of the rules and a swift ushering back to bed. The third time, however, was met with an irritated tone, impatience, and huffs of disapproval. Here was my early morning wake up call that my heart was in trouble.

I am thankful that when I feel my own heart wandering, when I am drowning in selfish desires and entitlements I can call on the Lord for quick help. The Spirit does not tarry when I am in need. A quick prayer for my own heart. Please help my heart want to do Monkey good with my speech. Please don't let my agenda be the primary goal here, but rather training her heart for Godliness and obedience. Please honor my correction and let it be beneficial. And with that the Spirit rested on me giving me peace and lifting my cloud of annoyance.

When a need arises, and help is sought after, He is quick to assist.