Hello there

I'm taking a little coffee break from folding laundry and thought I'd share a few gems from my phone this week.

Jabba the Hut invaded our library this week. We go to library storytime once a week {sometimes twice} and the librarians who read to the kids made this out of paper mache! Can you believe how talented they are?!

Storytime includes a craft each week. I thought this spider hat was so adorable! Monkey wasn't so sure...

Little Dude wanted to hold his Baby. He held him for almost an hour while listening to stories. I hope I wasn't too distracting taking pictures, it was just way too cute!

I'm trying to get myself into a few pictures now and then. Not sure why these are so blurry. Does anyone else have that problem when you flip the iPhone camera to face you?

Then Monkey came back to join us. She's been picking out her own clothes :)

Did you know October is pastor appreciation month? My Tuesday morning Bible study group put together a little thank you lunch for our pastor's wife. I reused some of the decorations from the wedding shower and everyone brought YUMMY food.

I have a confession to make. I didn't have Halloween costumes picked out until Tuesday night. We raided the dress-up bin and came up with a cowboy with a sword and a flamenco dancer. Bear thought up his costume all by himself. He knew he wanted the boots, the hat, and the sword and would not be persuaded otherwise. Monkey wanted to be a dancer, but we don't really have many dancer things around so we improvised. once she was dressed up she start doing ballet, so we watched a few YouTube videos on flamenco dancing.

Monkey's preschool had a little parade and photo op. The little guy in the corner is Linus in a pumpkin patch!

There's a little look into our week! Hope you have a fun weekend planned, ours is looking pretty uneventful which is nice!

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