Send pictures safely

The hardest part about moving to the middle of nowhere Kansas was leaving family. All of our family is spread our among the southern states. Mostly Texas, with a few sprinkled from New Mexico to Colorado to Oklahoma. We reconnect over the summer {there are several school teachers in the bunch} and for holidays. But during those dry spells when we can't visit each other I occasionally get the idea to send pictures of the kids. Sure, everyone can see pictures on here and Facebook and Instagram, but there is something about the hardcopy that means something special. I'm always a little worried about sending pictures in the mail though... rain, bending, ripping... so I thought I would share what I do. Sending Picture Safely


cardboard {or old cereal box}



cute tape


Step 1: Trace your picture on the cardboard with the pen. Trace two for each group of pictures. If you have different size pictures in the group, trace the largest size. Mine are all wallets.

Step 2: Cut out the cardboard.

Step 3: Place your pics between two pieces of cardboard. If you used a cereal box, make sure the brown side is showing on both sides.

Step 4: Wrap pretty tape around the whole thing.

Step 5: Write a little note letting them know what's inside.

That's it. Now your photos will arrive safely and in style! Cute, no?