PSS Review: God confuses languages at Babel

God confuses languages at Babel Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9

Target Age: 4-5 years old

Lesson: One of my favorite sites, has a great lesson for this passage. You can find it here.

Discussion questions:

1 – Can we ever make something that is as high as God? Can we get to where God is by working extra hard? What is the only way we can get to God? {The good news about Jesus Christ is God’s answer to human pride. We realize that salvation can only be received as a gift and all the glory belongs to God alone.}

2 – Do you ever think that if you try really hard you could be as great as God is? Can you ever be as great as God is? Why?


Cup tower challenge – Split the class into two or three groups and give them each a stack of cups. Have them take turns stacking the cups and see which teams can make theirs the highest. Repeat the activity and see which team can get theirs built the fastest without it falling.