Settling in

 Look! A plane!

Everytime I have a baby my mom travels 13 hours from her home in south Texas to stay with me for a few weeks. I was so happy to have her here, and so sad to see her go. The kids had some extra special grandma time before she left and we got back to a few of our normal activities.

My kids really enjoy parks, especially if there are other kids there. Bear met a friend and they chased each other around for a good 45 minutes which gave the Little Dude and I some dedicated time together. He has been adjusting farely well to the new arrival, but it seems to help a lot if he gets some one-on-one mommy time. And as if he didn't have enough to deal with, we threw another log on his fire and moved him to a toddler bed. He is thoroughly enjoying his freedom by getting into all kinds of mischief i.e. jumping on his brother, pulling all of the books off of the bookshelf, and playing with various toys around the room. He has the game down though, when he open the door he quickly scampers back to bed and covers his face with his blankie. Stinker. And I have to admit that I am having a little trouble disciplining him for this, he is just so darn cute.

Monkey liked having another girl around. My mom brought her my real china tea set from when I was a little girl and we had a few tea parties. She is so careful when she pours her tea {apple juice}. It is so funny to watch her!

She has been feverishly working on a 500 piece Toy Story puzzle. My mom and  finished it for her and it look us three hours and had about 20 missing pieces. So I bought her a new one. She had a little help the first time, then took it apart and did it herself in about 3 days. She's four. She also took advantage of an extra set of hands around here and learned to ride her bike without training wheels. She really takes after her dad, I couldn't do that until like 2nd grade :). I was happy to see that she might have inherited my athletic ability though. The Dude took the kids out to play baseball and it took her about an hour to hit the ball. Okay I'm done bragging on her.