Craft Weekend {part 2}

I promised last week that I would post details about our craft weekend... then I had a baby on Wednesday night, so things have been put on hold! But I am kind of stuck in the hospital right now waiting on the pediatrician to release the little guy so I can make good on my promise. We started with inspiration from Meg's craft weekend and Pinterest. We knew we wanted a sewing project, but also some non-sewing so the girls who were not super comfortable at a sewing machine could have a break. The girls who had sewing machines brought them over to my house the day before along with a few ironing boards and irons. We set everything up in my basement stringing it all together with three extension cords. {We only blew the breaker once!}

Project 1: Belted purse

Estimated cost: $15

Estimated time: 5 hours

I spotted some super cute chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby and wanted to make a purse. I finished my purse a few weeks ago and we made a few alterations based on the purses sold HERE. My friend a craft weekend partner made a prototype for the purse and typed out step-by-step instructions.

For this project we asked the girls to bring half a yard each of two coordinating heavy fabrics {like duck, canvas, denim...} and a package of extra wide double fold bias tape to coordinate with the fabric.

We purchased for each girl a canvas bag and a magnetic strap. We let them use our supply of thread and needles.

With the use of some 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby, this project runs about $15.

We decided to let the girls read the instructions on their own and move at their own pace. Later, we thought it might have been easier to all work together. For those that stuck with it, the purse took about 5 hours from beginning to end.

Project 2: Picture plaques

Estimated cost: $9 per girl for 12 girls 

Estimated time: 3 hours

We spotted these cuties on Pinterest and liked the idea of making something for our homes. Spray paint in pretty colors is fun too! But Pinterest claims that wooden plaques cost $1. We couldn't find any for less than $2.50. I wanted each girl to have three for under $5, so I searched online. I ended up at a site called where we got 36 5x7 plaques for about $61 with shipping which made it $5.08 per girl if 12 girls came. We asked each girl to bring 3 4x6 pictures, but with the face of the plaques being mitered the way they were, we should have gone with bigger plaques or smaller pictures.

Fun colored spray paint is hard to find for under $6. So we took six trips to Hobby Lobby with coupons, making them $3.88 each and we chose six colors for us all to share, which ended up being plenty.

We started by sanding the plaques a little with a sanding block I had in the garage. We did not have to prime the plaques because we used some good spray paint, but we did do two coats. After the paint dried we cut our pictures to size and used mod-podge and foam brushes to lay them down.

Our method: Spread a thin layer of mod-podge on the plaque. Lay down the picture. Spread a thin layer or mod-podge over the picture. Allow to dry until clear, the add one or two more coats of thin mod-podge.

After they were completely dry we attached picture hanging hardware to the back. You can get a pack of six of these at a hardware store for about $1-$1.50.

Project 3: Canvases

Estimated cost: 6.50 for 10 girls

Estimated time: Varies

My favorite craft is painting canvases. I find it so relaxing and gratifying. A lot of times I'll stare at a blank canvas for an hour before I can decide what to paint on it. For those girls who were a little less confident we perused Pinterest for inspiration and supplied buttons and hot glue, fabric, and paint for supplies.

We purchased twelve 3 oz bottles of acrylic paint in different colors, used the same foam brushes from project 2 {be sure you wash them thoroughly and let them dry}, and ordered buttons from Oriental Trading Company. Then we just let everyone go! They turned out really cute and everyone was so proud of their individual creations. Some of the girls were even surprised at themselves for how well they turned out.

The 11x17 canvases were 2 for $5.99. The paints were .70 each, and the buttons were $9 a bag {we got three}. We let them use fabric from my scrap pile and our personal glue sticks.


Supper Friday: On Friday night we roasted chicken quarters and had each girls bring something to contribute to the meal.

Breakfast Saturday: Mexican fudge, homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit salad {from supper Friday night}, milk, juice, and coffee.

Lunch Saturday: Tuna Salad, bread, salad, chips, fruit, veggies

Supper Saturday: Out on the town!

We planned for ten girls counting ourselves and charged $30 for the weekend including crafts and the meals we were providing. We ended up right on the penny, but off a little on our estimation of girls. We had 13 come for Friday evening, but only 11 completed purses, and 9 stayed for the whole weekend.  We had the girls give us the money ahead of time so we could gather all of the supplies and food without having to put too much money up front.

It ended up being a lot of work, but totally worth it! There's nothing quite like a weekend of crafting with your best girls! I hope you are inspired to take on your own craft weekend!

Thanks for visiting!

Elizabeth Ann

***For those of you wondering, I started this post on Saturday. It's Tuesday now and we are hope from the hospital happy and healthy!