Craft Weekend {part one}

This weekend my husband and the kids cleared out of the house to make room for 13 of my friends for Craft Weekend. We had three crafts planned, a purse inspired by The Pleated Poppy, a painted canvas with buttons, and wooden plaques with pictures mod-podged on them. We all gathered for supper on Friday night and commenced the crafting around 8. We had several experienced girls helping those who had never sewn before, it was a good mix and worked out well because we had to share machines.

My friend who planned this with me made the purse ahead of time and printed out extremely detailed instructions for the girls {5 pages!}. Here she is explaining said instructions.We would have been lost without them!

Do you have those friends who are willing to try anything and always have a great attitude? That is these girls. They are such a blessing to me! They jumped right in, even though they aren't self proclaimed "crafty", and did really well! Look at those smiles, I think they had fun too!

This lady is alone is a house of 5 men. God bless her! I'm so glad she got to have a weekend away with just the girls!

It started getting late, and we got a little giddy. We wouldn't let anyone announce the time for fear we'd gone too far into the morning.

Seven hours later eight of the ladies had finished their purses and finally headed to bed. That's right... 3 am!

She looks like she just got ready for the day, so beautiful.

In the morning we were blessed with some yummy cinnamon rolls from one of our mentors/ Bible study leaders at church! We ate those along with mexican fudge {which incidentally if you have never tried, you need to}, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee, of course, which fueled us for another day of crafting.

Tough girls craft too :). Maybe they're not quite awake yet.

On Saturday we started by spray painting our wooden plaques and then the girls broke out the sewing machines again to finish up some purses and make headbands.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. We painted, mod-podged, glued buttons, and talked all day.

Colorful buttons make me happy!

She didn't technically paint, but it turned out super cute!

It got really quiet and serene while we were painting. I could paint all day, it is so relaxing to me. Although I didn't love my finished product, my boys loved it so that's all that matters since it is going in their room. {Mine is the baseball one, you'll see it in a sec.}

Here are the three finished projects:

Everything turned out so cute and individual to the girl who made it, I love that!

We finished the weekend with dinner out to Chili's with NO KIDS!! I love my kids, but seriously, is there any activity more enjoyable sans kids than eating out?

I am so thankful that this weekend worked out. My friend and I had been kicking around the idea for a long time and the fact that we actually pulled it off kind of surprised me! It was great fellowship with some awesome ladies from my church. I hope we can do it again soon!

If you are interested in planning a Craft Weekend with some of your friends, I will post more about the details of our weekend tomorrow. I'll include sources for our supplies, cost, menu, and itinerary.