PSS Review: God judges the world and sends a flood

God judges the world and sends a flood Age group: 4-5 years

Scripture: Genesis 6-9

Focus: 1} Sin must be punished. The punishment for sin is death. 2} God is merciful.

Lesson: Summarize Genesis 6-9. Hit these main points: God saw that every man on the earth was evil in his heart {God can see into our hearts}. God was sorry he made the earth and set to destroy it. God saw that Noah had faith in Him and he showed Noah mercy. Noah obeyed God and built an ark. God destroyed the earth with a flood killing every human and animal that was not on the ark. After the flood God promised to never destroy the earth by water again and made a rainbow as a sign.


What is a flood?

Why did God destroy the earth and all the people? He was sorry he made it because everyone was evil.

Was it okay for God to destroy everything? Yes, everyone was a sinner and deserved to die. The punishment for sin is death. {Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23}.

Why did God save Noah and his family? God saw that Noah had faith, so he showed him mercy.

Did Noah deserve to die too? Yes, Noah was a sinner.

What us mercy? When we deserve something, like death, but God gives us something else, life through Christ Jesus, that is mercy.

Could Noah and his family have saved themselves? No, only God can save his people from his judgement.

Are we sinners? Yes

So what do we deserve? death

But God shows mercy to those who believe in who? Jesus


Bucket Flood: You could do this activity as an opening lead-in to your story, as a visual during the story, or as an activity after the story. We did ours as a visual during the story, but then the big bucket of water was a little bit of a distraction.

Supplies: clear plastic container, legos or blocks, toy people and animals, tape, several water pitchers.

Have the children make a city inside the bucket. Tape down all the pieces. Have the children use the water pitchers to flood the city, even to the tops of the buildings {so don't let them build above the top of the box. Relate it back to the story by talking about what would happen to all of those people and animals and buildings. Float a toy boat on top and talk about what would happen to people and animals in the boat.

Craft: Water color painting

Supplies: watercolors, paint brushes, paper towels, paper, smocks, marker.

Before class draw an ark and a cross on a piece of paper for each child and write God is rich in mercy. Ephesians 2:4

Have the kids paint a rainbow on their papers. As they paint ask them:

Why is there an ark on that paper? God showed Noah mercy by letting him and his family ride in the ark during the flood. Why is there a cross? God showed us mercy by sending Jesus to die for our sins on the cross. Why is their a rainbow? To remind us of God's great mercy. Say the verse together.