PSS Review: God accepts Abel but rejects Cain

God accepts Abel but rejects Cain Scripture: Genesis 4

Target Age: 4-5 years

Focus: Faith pleases God; without faith it is impossible to please God.

Lesson: Show the children where Genesis is in your classroom Bible. Talk about it being the book that tells us about the first people who ever lived on earth. Ask them who the first two people were {Adam and Eve}. Tell them that Adam and Eve had two sons, one named Cain and one Abel. Cain and Abel grew up and Cain became a farmer and Abel took care of animals. Back in those times God walked around with his people, they could talk to him face-to-face like I am taklnig to you. Cain and Abel decided to give God sacrifices.

At this point you might need to explain what a sacrifice is. I explained it as a payment. Cain and Abel knew they were sinners {did things that God wouldn't want them to do} so to make up for it, they gave things back to God. If God accepted their sacrifice then their sin would be forgiven.

Cain brought vegetables from his garden to sacrifice to God, and Abel brought a fattened lamb. God was pleased with Abel's sacrifice and accepted it, but he did not accept Cain's. God accepted Abel's offering because Abel had faith in God. God rejected Cain's offering because Cain did not have faith in God.  

The Bible tells us that Cain was very upset. He was so upset that God accepted his brother and not him that he took Abel out into a field and killed his very own brother.

God knew that Cain had killed Abel and went to talk to him about it. He punished Cain for his sin in killing Abelby sending him away from God and his family. But God showed Cain mercy by putting a special mark on him so that no one would harm him.


How did God know Abel had faith and Cain didn't? {God knows everything, even what is in our hearts, even what no one else can see}

Can God see if you have faith or not? {Yes}

There are lots of different things we can do for God, we can sing, go to church, read the Bible, and obey him. But if we do not have faith in God, none of those things please him. The only thing  that pleases God is our faith in Jesus.


Craft: Heart blot painting

Supplies: construction paper, paint, paper bowls, plastic spoons, smocks

You can watch a video on this craft here.

Remind the kids that faith is what pleases God, and God looks in our hearts to see if we have faith.

Bible verse: Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit ; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.