It seems like my only blogging is for Sunday School and InstaFriday. Maybe I should rename the blog to Insta-Sunday-Friday-School... Catchy, don't ya think? Or perhaps writing a little more would do the trick. I've had some things on my mind/heart lately that I need to get out there.... Next week.

Here are some pics from this week. Not many as my phone was dead for several days. In fact, they are all from yesterday. But nevertheless, here they are!

Monkey and Bear had a little class at the community center called Explore Measurement. My friend made fun of me because I signed them up for the most educational one. Some other options were pajama party, princess tee, music time... all good options but for some reason Explore Measurement jumped out at me. {And they had a great time!}. As I was driving to the center I realized that the class was smack in the middle of Little Dude's nap time. How this didn't occur to me sooner, I'll never know. So in my attempt to keep him awake so I wouldn't have to sacrifice my sacred quite 2 hours, we went to get ice cream. He inhaled his and then went after mine {double dip chocolate chip cookie dough cone}. Don't hate, 35 weeks pregnant in July has its perks!

Last night we went to my bestie's birthday party for her daughter. It was so cute! She had a sheep party because her favorite toy is her stuffed sheep.

Here is the birthday girl!

Everyone in their family has a name from the Lord of the Rings books by JRR Tolkein.

I made these letters for the little one's baby shower in her initials. Just chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby with glitter stickers.

Well, nothing too exciting here this week. But thanks for stopping by! I'm linking up with Life Rearranged! Go check it out!