PSS Review: The Curse {Man disobeys God}

Target Age: 4-5 years Scripture: Genesis 3

Focus: {1} God knows everything. {2} Sin has to be punished.

Lesson: Read the chapter before class so it is fresh on your mind. Show the kids in your Bible where Genesis is and talk about it being the very first book in the Bible. While the Bible is open, summarize Genesis 3 in your own words.

Discussion Questions:

Why did Adam hide from God? He was afraid because he knew he had sinned.

Could Adam hide from God? Know, God knew where he was. God knows everything.

Do you ever do anything wrong? Yes, when we do this wrong the Bible calls it sin.

When you sin, do you ever feel like hiding? Can we ever hide our sin from God? No, God knows everything.

Adam and Eve were punished for their sin. How did God punish them? He made them leave the garden he had made for them.

God also showed mercy to Adam and Eve by letting them live, giving them clothing, and promising a Savior. {Gen 3:15}

Does your sin need to be punished? Yes

That's right, but God already sent the promised Savior, and when Jesus died on the cross all of the sins for the people who trust in him were already punished.


Craft - Fruit trees

Supplies: Paper, marker, green tissue paper squares, glue,  paint brushes, brown markers, red circle stickers

Draw a tree on paper for each child. At the bottom of the paper write "God showed his love you us. While we were sinners ___________ died for us!

Have the kids color the tree truck brown. Drizzle some glue on the tree tops for each child and have them spread the glue out with their paint brush and then add the tissue paper squares. Give them each some red stickers for fruit and have them add them to their trees. Talk about how God showed us mercy by sending Jesus to die for us, sinners. Have them write the word "Jesus" in the blank on their papers.

Game - Hide and Seek

Play a game of hide and seek in your classroom. We turned out the lights for the kids to hide and turned them on for the seeker to find his friends. Connect this to the lesson by reminding the kids that we can never hide from God.

Verse: but  God shows his love for us in that  while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8