I'm linking up to life rearranged with the pictures from my phone from the past week. Enjoy!

Monkey and I took an impromptu girls trip to New Mexico to visit my sister-in-law and niece. We took the Dude's mom along and had a grand 'ol time!

Monkey is a super traveler. She is always up for a change of scenery. First order of business: find a cactus, we don't have those in Kansas.

We decided to make some freezer meals so we had to make a trip to Walmart... not really my favorite place in the world.

The girls are nine months apart. It's really fun to watch them play together.

The girls took our celery scraps and made a really pretty rose painting. We cut it in half and framed it for each of their rooms as a reminder of their fun trip.

I've been doing some painting of my own. This one stayed with  my sis.

We got out of town for a while and stayed in our favorite hotel. The girls got sunglasses from the front desk. Score!

The girls ran around in the courtyard after swimming.

Then we went back to the room and they made crowns with their grandma. {She is always prepared with fun crafts!}

We all went to get pedicures, even the little ladies!

All our lovely toes :).

I think the courtyard of this hotel is my mom-in-law's favorite place in the world. I have never heard her speak of any other place quite so fondly. She needs one in her backyard.

Monkey took hold of the IPhone and snapped some pretty good pictures!

My sweet niece, posing for Monkey.

Feeling refreshed.

Mom, daughter, and granddaughter. Three beauties!

I finished this painting in the hotel while watching Independence Day. I had a hotel room all to myself. It was such a treat. I missed my boys, but took advantage of some restful alone time.

We got back on the 4th in time for fireworks! I LOVE the 4th of July. The little Dude thought the fireworks we hilarious. He was cracking up the whole time.

I give my kids glow sticks in loo of sparklers. They also help make the kids more visible to cars at our town's firework show.

I came home to a bountiful garden, thanks to the Dude for watering. I made salsa with our own tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno peppers. It was probably the best salsa I have ever had. We'll be working on these tomatoes for a while... like three days maybe. I have some serious tomato eaters around here.

Have you heard about Meg's craft weekends? They are really awesome, tons of people sign up on a waiting list and last month my other sister-in-law got picked! My friend and I were inspired to host one of our own. We went shopping for some supplies this week and sent out the invitations!! Doesn't all of that paint make you happy? I am so excited! I just have to keep telling Baby Boy that he is not allowed to arrive until after our craft weekend. 

And in case you were wondering what the boys were doing while we were gone here are the pictures from The Dude's phone.

1 & 2 - They spent that afternoon at the spray park

3 - Bear fielding the t-ball

4, 5, & 6 - Little Dude helping daddy clean the house

7 - The dude taught Sunday School for me

8 - The masked man

9 - Wore him out

1,4  - The boys eating roast that my wonderful friend made for them while she watched them on Monday. I have some pretty awesome friends!

2 - Wore him out

3 - Even my vegetable garden was happy!

Thanks for visiting today!

Elizabeth Ann