You can't always get what you want {family pictures}

About a month ago I had my friend Monica take some pictures of the kids. I love her style and patience! She finished editing and I got the CD on our way out of town to see family in Dallas. I first took a look at them with my parents and we were all crying we were laughing so hard... not exactly what I was going for but I'll take what I can get. I realized that there really isn't anything I can make Bear do. He is his own little man. I really want to make a flip book out of his pictures to show the progression of his breakdown. See for yourself. Okay Bear, you ready?

Please, just one real smile and you can have a brownie when we get to the car!

And done.

At least we caught one true side of Bear, even if it wasn't his sweet, handsome side.

There were some sweet ones of Monkey. She wanted to wear one of my necklaces. Such a lady! She's losing the baby girl and looking more like a big girl. It's so fun to experience new phases in their childhood. She is separating herself a little bit from her wild brothers. Grandma brought her my real china tea set last week when she was visiting. Monkey likes puzzles, coloring, basically any craft {like her momma!}, cooking, and gymnastics. When it gets hectic around here she retreats to her room, empties all of her drawers and refolds her clothes. Haha! Anything to escape I guess!

The Little Dude seemed anxious... not sure why. But he is still just about the cutest thing I could ever imagine. Where did that blond hair come from?!

And here are a few of the kids together... sigh. Is it even possible to get three kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time?

Monkey's new skill is snapping.

Oh there's my handsome little guy!

Don't forget Baby Boy! I figured this might be it for me, so I might as well get some intentional maternity pics.

Did anyone notice that The Dude was missing? He's not a very enthusiastic picture poser, so I try to limit his exposure. I knew that if I wanted a family shot when Baby Boy arrives, I better not push my luck this time :)

::I made the yarn balls for the pictures. I was trying to go with a subtle red, white, and blue theme. It was probably the messiest craft project I have ever done. I was covered in glue and cornstarch. The bunting behind me is from Monkey's fourth birthday party. ::