PSS Review: Paul preaches boldly in the name of the Lord

Scripture: Acts 9:19b-30 Age: 4-5 years

Focus: The Holy Spirit

  • gives boldness {v 28}
  • comforts {v 30, John 14:26}
  • encourages
  • helps 

Lesson: Gather a picture of an unhappy man, and a picture of the same man, now happy. You can just sketch this if necessary.

Show the picture of the sad man and review how Saul used to hate Jesus and anyone who talked about him, but Jesus met him on the road to Damascus and changed his heart and his name. Now he is happy, his name is Paul and he loves Jesus! When God changed Paul's heart to believe in Jesus, he gave Paul the Holy Spirit to live inside him and help him. in today's story, the Holy Spirit helps Paul do many things. The Holy Spirit helped Paul to speak boldly about Jesus, that means that Paul was very brave. Some people didn't like what Paul was saying and wanted to kill him, but Paul kept on preaching about Jesus because the Holy Spirit was making him brave.

Right now Paul did not have any friends. The people who believed in Jesus were afraid of him because of what he had done to them. And the people who didn't believe in Jesus hated him because he was preaching about Jesus. God sent a man named Barnabas to be friends with Paul. He told Jesus' disciples that Paul was not going to hurt them, that he believed in Jesus now. The Holy Spirit helped Jesus' followers to trust Paul and to help him.

One night Paul's life was in danger and Jesus' followers put him in a basket in the middle of the night and lowered him outside the city walls so that the guards would not catch him leaving. The Bible calls the Holy Spirit our Helper. So the Holy Spirit helped Paul to escape that night.


Whenever someone believes in Jesus they receive the Holy Spirit to help them, encourage them {that means to cheer them on in everything good they are doing}, to comfort them {that means to make them feel better when they are sad}, and to make them brave. The Holy Spirit is pretty awesome!

Prayer: Pray for each child by name that God will cause them to believe in Jesus and that they will have the Holy Spirit to encourage, comfort, help them, and to make them brave for Jesus.


Craft: Paper cup weaving

Supplies: One paper party cup for each child, scissors, yarn.

Before class cut "v" shaped slits all around the cup. Have several pieces of yarn available for the kids to pick from and show them how to weave in and out of the cup strips. When they have reached the top of the cup it will resemble a basket like the one Paul was lowered in during the night.


Game: Basket toss

Supplies: baskets and lightweight balls

Have each child find a partner. Give one partner a basket and one partner a ball. Have them stand pretty close together. The one tosses the ball and the other tries to catch it in their basket. If they catch it, have them take one step apart from each other and try again. Then the kids can switch basket for ball.