A week in pictures

The following pics are all from my iPhone and unedited, so if that kind of thing bugs you, then exit now! I took a ton of pics this week, so I'll break it down into categories.


We decided to take the kids camping last Friday night, on the way we stopped at a local parade. This was the cutest float, all of the little kindergarteners were dressed as animals!

Then came the emergency vehicles :)

We started the trip by fishing! Monkey quickly caught a fish. I was so nervous that someone was going to fall off the dock, so the Little Dude and I took a walk instead.

The kids helped set up the tent and then played in it for the longest time. It amazes me how much fun camping is for kids, they never complain, they don't get board, it's awesome! 

Woah, Little Dude down!

Take two!

And no camping trip is complete without..... SMORES!


Just chillin'. The Little Dude and I cut out a bit early and slept in our comfy beds at home. I know, hacks. But in my defense, I am almost 7 months pregnant! The Dude had fun spending some quality time with Bear and Monkey. They even got rained on a little, but still no complaints. What a bunch of troopers!


Monkey 'graduated' from 4 year old preschool on Tuesday. It was really cute. But let me take a moment to be completely honest. I have a hard time sitting through graduations. They are brutally boring. Does that make me a horrible mom? I realized while watching Monkey and her little friends walk across the stage that I am going to have to sit through eight of these preschool graduations, sheeesh. Not to mention four kinder graduations, and four high school graduations. Then my complaining turned to thankfulness for these kids, and for their education, and that I am able to celebrate their accomplishments with them.

Monkey is the first girl on the right in this fuzzy picture. Use your imagination to fill in the details :)

They wore cute little caps and gowns. Her sweet brothers gave her a balloon and rose. They were so proud of her!

Cookies and punch after, everyone's favorite part!

Mother's Day

This was the first weekend in about a month that the Dude hasn't had to work. He bent over backwards making it special for me, starting with a box of beautiful and delicious cupcakes!

Then he agreed to a trip to the mall {not his favorite}. And watched the kids while I shopped. He's cooler than mommy, he actually put money in these things. I normally just let the kids crawl on them and pretend :).

On Sunday we had a cookout with our friends. The boys dug in the dirt with a fancy lady!

Fancy checked out our garden, growing nicely!

Then stopped off at the swing. I am so blessed this Mother's Day to be the momma of such a sweet girl. She's tough and gentle, sporty, and girly. Love her!


My mom got me new paints and supplies for my birthday last month, so my friend and I had an impromptu painting day!

My friend was inspired by Pinterest.  I found mine on The Pleated Poppy.

Then Monkey decided to join us.

And then we captured a Bear's attention. Our painting party grew and grew!


Oh boy! Bear's very first t-ball practice was on Wednesday. Daddy was sure to be home to be there. It was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen, but I bet those coaches and dads were tired of chasing around three year olds!

Monkey climbed trees and practiced cartwheels.

The Little Dude tried to be part of the action. Just a few more years!


I came into the bathroom to find this. I'm thankful that no one was hurt and that I don't believe in luck!

Monkey is getting back into puzzles. She was pretty proud of this 100 piece United States puzzle, just look at that smile!We went on a practice bike ride with some friends. Monkey's bike had a flat tire, so she just had to run. Bear has had a balance bike for about a year and is just now getting the hang of it.

What a moment of privacy has come down to in our house... they were actually pretending to be the kitty. He does this alot!

I hope you all enjoyed our week, now go have a good weekend!