PSS Review: Saul, a chosen instrument of God

Scripture: Acts 9:10-19a Target age: 4-5 years

Focus: God causes our hearts to change

Craft: Butterfly cards

I began this week with crafts for two reasons. {1} The craft transitioned nicely into the story and {2} I wanted to do the story outside and then play outdoors for the remainder of our time. It also happened to be Mother's Day and the craft went along nicely with that too. Isn't it great when things work out like that :).

Supplies: construction paper, scissors, marker, single hole punch, glue sticks, glitter or sequins {optional}

Fold two pieces of construction paper together and draw an outline of a butterfly.

Have the child cut out the shape if they want to. Help them if they ask you to, it can be hard for kids this age to cut through 4 layers of thick paper.

Now you have two identical butterfly shapes.

Take one of the butterflies and cut a smaller butterfly out of it. Save both pieces of this small butterfly. Now go back to the other butterfly.

Use the hole punch to punch holes around the perimeter of the butterfly. Again, the kids will probably like to try this but they may not be strong enough to punch the holes, so assist them as needed. Now each child has three butterfly pieces. One large, one small, and an outline. It is time to assemble!

Instruct the child to put glue on the outline piece and then line it up on the large butterfly.

Then flip the large butterfly over and have the kids glue the small butterfly in the center of the large one.

Give each child a butterfly body cut out of black construction paper. {I cut these out beforehand.} Have them glue the butterfly body in the center of whichever side they want. Recrease the fold so the butterfly can flap its wings. The kids can now embellish with glitter, sequins, buttons, etc. Or just leave it as is.

This part is important. Before you even begin the craft open with taking about animals that change. Tell them they will be making butterflies for their moms today. Ask them if they know what insect changes into a butterfly {caterpillar}, and who decided that they would change {God}. The first caterpillar did not decided on his own to change into a butterfly, God made them that way. Ask the children if they can think of any other animals that change {tadpoles to frogs, maggots to flies...} Tell them that God changes people too, but not in the same way he changed caterpillars to butterflies. What does God change about people? {Their hearts}. We will talk in a little while about a man who had his heart changed by God.

Now you can go make those cute butterflies!


Last week we talked about a man who was blinded by a bright light. Can you remember his name? {Saul} Do you remember what Saul was doing when he was blinded? {walking on a road to put followers of Jesus in jail}. Saul's heart did not love Jesus, it did not believe in Jesus. His heart was so angry that he wanted to hurt people who believed in Jesus. Saul could not see anything for three days and he was very upset. During those three days, God spoke to a man names Ananias and told him to go to Saul and heal his eyes so that he would be able to see again. Ananias was scared! He had heard about what Saul did to people who loved Jesus. But still, Ananais obeyed God and went to heal Saul. Ananias touch Saul's and he could see again, and now Saul believed in Jesus and wanted everyone to know that He is God's son! Now Saul's heart loved Jesus and believed in him! Saul did not change his own heart. He did not decided to believe in Jesus on his own. God wanted Saul to believe in Jesus, so he changed his heart. God can do the same thing for you. We cannot decide on our own to love Jesus, God changes our hearts from hearts that do not follow Jesus into hearts that do follow Jesus.

Pray: Pray for each child by name that God would change their hearts into hearts that love Jesus. Acknowledge that this is not something we can do on our own and pray for God's mercy in each of their lives.

This concluded my lesson for this week, we spent the rest of the time playing outside on our church's playground! But just in case you are doing this lesson when it is not nice outside, here are some additional activity ideas.

More on change:

Watch an ice cube melt

Make homemade playdoh while the kids watch, then have them roll out their dough and cut hearts with cookie cutter. Or roll into a snake and form a heart.

Match pictures of creatures that change {their before and afters}

Alternative crafts:

Plant a flower or grass seed in a styrofoam cup

Print an outline of a butterfly and have the kids add glitter and sequins

Blot paint hearts - Cut hearts out of large construction paper. Let the kids add blobs of paint and fold the card squishing the paint together. Open the card and see their creation! Watch a video here.