PSS Review: Jesus speaks to Saul

Jesus speaks to Saul Scripture: Acts 9:1-9

Target age: 4-5 years old

Focus: Jesus pursues those who belong to him

Lesson: There are only nine verses here so I read straight from my Bible. I had the kids repeat me every time I said a name or a place. I also used my voice inflection to keep them interested in the story.

Discussion questions:

Was Saul doing a good thing or a bad thing? A bad thing

Did Saul think he was doing a good thing or a bad thing? Saul thought he was doing a good thing. He really didn't believe that Jesus was God's Son, he thought all the people talking about Jesus were bad.

When Saul was on the road to Damascus what happened to him? A bright light surrounded him and he heard a voice.

Whose voice did he hear?Jesus' voice

Jesus said Saul, Saul. He knew Saul's name even though Saul did not believe in him. Does Jesus know your name? Yes!

Did Saul love Jesus? No

Did Jesus love Saul? Yes

Jesus wanted Saul to believe in him even though Saul had been persecuting him. So he met him on a road, talked to him, and took his sight away for three days. Jesus is God, he can do anything. If Jesus wants you to believe in him, he will cause you to believe in him.

Pray: Pray that Jesus would cause each of the children in your class to believe in him. Pray for them each by name.


{1} Act out the story

This is a good one to act out. Have someone be Saul, his helpers, Christian prisoners, and the voice of Jesus. Let everyone dress in Bible costumes. Designate an area for prison {it could be behind a bookcase, under a table, int he middle of a circle of chairs...}. Be sure to have a flashlight and a blindfold too.

Have Saul go up to the Christians and say Stop talking about Jesus! And then take them off to jail. The Saul is walking on a road with his friends. The child playing the voice of Jesus will flash the lights and then leave it dark in the room and flash the flashlight on Saul who has fallen to the floor....

Continue the story through Saul refusing to eat or drink for three days. Let the children change roles and act it out again.

My kids really loved acting this story, we did it five times!

{2} Craft: Sunglasses

Supplies: cardstock or poster board, glue sticks, acetate, markers, scissors

Before class cut an outline of glasses out of the paper for each child.

In class let the kids decorate their glasses with markers.

Then turn the glasses over and have them spread glue around the lens part of the glasses.

Cover the lens with acetate {you can find this at any craft store by the wrapping paper}. Bend the ear pieces so they stay on. As they work, be sure to tie this craft back to the lesson. Ask the kids: What are sunglasses used for? Was there a bright light in our story today? What was the bright light? Can we see Jesus? How do we know he's there? etc.

The boys especially loved this craft. They stayed at the table decorating their glasses twice as long as the girls!

{3} Game: flashlight tag

Play this like freeze tag. The only difference is the "it" person doesn't touch anyone, they just shine the flashlight on them to make them out. After the game talk about how Jesus seeks after him children just like the "it" person saught after the other kids.

Memory verse: Isaiah 53:6

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6