PSS Review {God sends Philip to guide an Ethiopian}

God sends Philip to guide an Ethiopian Scripture: Acts 8:26-40

Age group: 4-5 year olds

Lesson: You will need a world map for this lesson. Put a sticker where you live, a sticker on Jerusalem, and a sticker on Ethiopia. Turn to the book of Acts in your Bible and show it to your children. Tell them that this story comes from the Bible, it is true, and there are a lot of things we can learn from it. Then summarize the story. My summary is as follows:

Jesus had a friend named Philip. Philip loved Jesus very much and wanted to tell others about him. Philip was asleep one night when an angel appeared to him and told him to go on a trip. Philip got up and did what the angel said. He left where he was {point to Jerusalem and have them repeat the word} and started traveling on a road to Gaza {have them repeat Gaza}. It wasn't a very long trip, but one the way Philip saw a man on a chariot who was very far from home. This man was from a place called Ethiopia {point to Ethiopia on the map and have the children repeat Ethiopia}. This man was reading from the Bible from the book of Isaiah. The book of Isaiah talks a lot about Jesus, but the man didn't understand that, so he invited Philip to come over and explain it to him. The Holy Spirit helped Philip to tell the man all about Jesus and the good news of the Gospel. The man believed in Jesus that day!

Focus: God's salvation is for all people, all nations.

Discussion Questions:

Point to the map where you live and say We live here in _______, but this world is VERY, VERY big and people live all over it. All of these people need to hear about Jesus. Do you think all of these people look or talk like we do?

Show pictures of children from different countries and talk about how they are different from us and live very far away, but God loves them as much as he loves us. They might not know the Good News about Jesus.Just like Philip told the man in our story today about Jesus, someone needs to tell these people about Jesus. Ask how can we help them to hear about Jesus? {They will probably say things about flying to them or traveling by boat to them}

Say those are really good ideas, and maybe someday we can go, but right now we could maybe write letters to them to tell them, we can give money so that people who live closer to them can travel to them and tell them about Jesus, but mostly we can pray that God will send someone to them.

Pray for the children all over the world who need to hear about Jesus, that God would send someone to them to explain to them about Jesus and the Gospel.


{1} All the little children bracelets.

Supplies: twine, yarn, plastic string {something to make a bracelet}, beads in the colors red, yellow, black, and white

Sing Jesus Loves the Little Children. Emphasize the colors in the song and explain that those colors mean all of the children in the world who look different from each other. Tell them that they are going to make a bracelet so that when they look at it they will remember the song because of the colors and that will help them to remember to pray for all the children in the world who have never heard about Jesus. Let the kids strong beads randomly on their strings as you review with each child what this bracelet will help them to remember. Thinking missional is new to most of them so it will take a lot of repetition.

{2} Letters to a child.

Supplies: paper, markers, stickers, photo of child you are writing to.

This craft will work if you know of anyone who sponsors a Compassion International child or perhaps someone who has connections to an international orphanage through an adoption. Try to get a hold of a name a picture of a child that the kids can make card for. Encourage them to draw pictures of Jesus relating to the Gospel. Be sure to show the kids on the map where this child is from. Include with their letters a Gospel message.

Memory Verse:

Isaiah 53:6 We all like sheep have gone astray, we have turned - every one - to his own way, and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.