PSS Review: The Gospel

We are wrapping up our Easter series in preschool Sunday School. Since I recently covered Jesus' ascension with them, I thought I would take this week to summarize everything we have learned about Jesus suffering, dying, and rising. Why is this so important? It is the foundation of everything we believe. Without the truth of the gospel we have no hope. Romans 3:23 says For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. So this week we are focusing on the word Gospel. There are many words frequently used in church that may be confusing for kids, but I think Gospel is among the most spoken and least explained. It is just assumed that everyone should know what gospel means. But how can they know unless we tell them? Focus: What is the Gospel?

Verse: Isaiah 53:6

Target age: 4-5 year olds

Lesson: Have you ever heard the word Gospel? {have kids repeat the word}. When we talk about the gospel we are talking about all the wonderful things Jesus did for us. Remember Jesus is God. He can do anything and has never do anything wrong. {As we recall the following things, show pictures from a children's Bible. I use the Jesus Storybook Bible}. He came to Earth as a baby. He lived a perfect life. He suffered and dies like a criminal. And He rose from the dead. He did all of these things to save us. God has to punish sin. {Ask the kids if they are a sinner, explain this further if necessary, i.e. what sin is and that they have sinned}. God punished Jesus for the sins of the whole world, but only people who believe in Jesus are free from the punishment of sin.

 Do you ever get punished? {Help the kids think of punishments.}

Do you know what the punishment for sin is? Forever and ever away from God. No one can be happy away from Gos, so it is a very sad place.

Pray and ask God to help us believe in Jesus. Thank him for the gospel.


{1} Hidden Letters and Acrostic

Supplies: Letter cutouts G, O, S, P, E, L. tape, poster, markers.

Write this acrostic on poster:

Good News

Of Jesus

Suffering for our sins on the cross

Paying what we owe to God

Entrusting our lives to Jesus means we will

Live forever in heaven!

Before class begins hide the letters around the room. Tell the kids that they will hunt for the letters in the word GOSPEL and put them on the poster next to the corresponding line.

{2} Gospel Book

Supplies: construction paper, printouts of Baby Jesus, Jesus on the cross, Jesus alive again, and Jesus returning as King {I copied mine from our kid's Bible, but you could also just search for clipart in Google images}, glue sticks, markers, hole punch, yarn, scissors

Cut construction sheets in quarters, enough so each child has four. On each sheet the child will paste a picture and write the words "Good News". They might need help with the writing, but if they want to try it you should let them. It makes the book their own and is good practice! When they have finished with all four pages fold a half sheets of construction paper into a cover for their book. Punch three holes in the side and tie with the yarn. Write So-and-so's Gospel Book on the front cover.

{3} Gospel Chant

This chant goes along with the books they just made. Start clapping a beat and say:

Good News! Jesus was born.

Good News! He died on the cross.

Good News! He rose again!

Good News! He's coming back soon.

Repeat several times leaving out key words and seeing if the kids can remember

It's important that our children know what the word gospel means. I hope you find this lesson and these activities helpful in explaining what the gospel is to your children and classes!


Elizabeth Ann