This post is made up of pictures I took from my phone this week. I'm linking up at life rearranged. I used instagram and picshake on my iPhone. Enjoy! {1} A trip to the park with friends. Little Dude served everyone a healthy snack of mulch.

{2} Tuesday morning happy breakfast! Banana nut muffins and bacon.

{3} Little Dude picking bark off a tree. Why not?

{4} My guy

{5} Two goofy boys waiting at the doctor's office.

{6,7} Bear joined in on the bark picking fun.

{1} Kite flying at the park on Tuesday.

{2} Monkey flying her kite. It was a beautiful day, just enough wind.

{3} Monkey in the front and her buddy A in the back.

{4} Wednesday bed head. The only place he wants to be right when he wakes up is at the breakfast table.

{5} Wednesday is library storytime. The big kids listen to the stories and the babies hang with their mammas!

{6} Little Dude with two of his buddies at the library.

{1} Wednesday night nursery at our church. We don't normally serve a snack because they have just finished supper, but Little Dude and his friend L sat down and looked so eager I just couldn't resist!

{2} Sharing?

{3} Bear's favorite pastime is baseball, but Monkey wanted to dress up. So naturally Bear asked for a baseball outfit. Good thing daddy kept all of his old jerseys! Here he is winding up to pitch.

{4} Now hitting.

{5} And just looking goofy!

{6} We try to go swimming at the Y on Fridays. It pinches our schedule because the pool doesn't open until 1 and I am trying to get Little Dude to give up his morning nap. So if we leave by 2 the poor guy is almost dead by the time I load him in the van. But it's so much fun and good exercise, plus a bunch of our friends go. I can hardly ever pass it up.

{7} Pretty girl's version of dress up. Between pitches with the boys I slipped on one of my old prom dresses. {More like stretched it over my 22 week pregnant belly, good thing it had some give!} Monkey did my hair and makeup while I hit home runs.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Elizabeth Ann