PSS Review {The servant king}

This is the first lesson in our Easter series. We will be teaching from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Scripture: The Lord's Supper from Mark 14 and John 13-14

Age group: 2-5 years old

Lesson: Read pgs 286-292 in the Jesus Storybook Bible. Or summarize the story from the Bible beginning with Jesus washing feet and ending with the Lord's Supper.

Focus: We can love others because Jesus loved us.

Discussion Questions:

Have you ever played outside without your shoes on and they got muddy or dirty? What is the first thing your mom makes you do when you get inside? Wash your feet 

Back in Jesus' time people didn't wear shoes like we do, so any time they were outside their feet got really dirty. So they had to wash them when they came inside, especially if they were about to eat.

Why did Jesus was his friends' feet? He was showing them what it was like to be a servant. To make other people more important than you.

How can you be a servant to others? Let the kids think of ways, and help they if they get stuck.

Jesus served his friends a meal after he washed their feet. What was he trying to tell them during the meal? That he was going to be a servant again by giving his body and blood to save people from their sins.

Why did Jesus make himself a servant when he is the king of everything?Because he loved his friends, and because he loves us.

How can we say 'thank you' to Jesus for becoming a servant for us? By being a servant to others, by loving others because he loved us.


1} Watercolor feet. I printed out a picture of feet that I found on the internet and added the phrase "Jesus washed his friends feet because he loved them. You can do nice things for others because you love them!"

Cover your table with a plastic tablecloth. Give each child a printout, and paint brush, a small cup of water, and a tray of watercolors. We had one tray of watercolors for two children. Take time to explain how watercolors work before you let them dive in. Since my kids were so young this week, I got the paint wet for them ahead of time by adding a drop of water to each color. That way the paint had a chance to soften and they wouldn't just be painting with water. Have the children paint their feet pictures and talk about how this reminds you of Jesus washing his friends' feet with water and how you are so thankful that Jesus made himself a servant.

Since the kids painted on printer paper, we glued construction paper to the back to make it a little stronger.

You can find the feet clipart in google images. Search 'feet clipart'. Or go here.

2} Free play. I always have a lot of structured activities in mind when I get to the class, but many times kids need some down-time to play and be silly. This is especially true when they are expected to sit and listen several times in a morning like they are at church. So this week, we just let them play.  We have a variety of toys and games in our room. Cars, puzzles, a kitchen area with dishes, balls. We also have a cd player and kid friendly bible songs. Many times, the kids ask for music and then just dance around! Be involved during play time. it has been my experience that the more you bond with kids at this age, the more apt they are to listen during storytime. The mats on the floor are what I use for storytime when I have a large class with young kids. It helps them to stay in their own space and to sit still.