Bridal shower

Last Saturday we were in Texas for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's bridal shower. That's quite a title, I'll be happy when May 27th comes around and I can just call her my sister! Her wedding is centered around a woodsy theme, so we went with burlap and lace for the shower. Convenient how that theme is popular these days, so I had plenty of resources to help me. The decorations

As the guests arrived they were greeted by this cutie, made the morning before. It was super simple. I'll try to add some tutorials a little later. The hallway table held the guest book. I just recovered a cheap scrapbook from the craft store with some burlap and lace. For the pages I added different shades of green paper and attached little paper envelopes. We provided cards for the guest to write wedding sentiments or marriage advice for the couple. Then we simply slipped the cards into the book.

The flowers were simple, baby's breath in mason jars. We added the wedding color with royal blue ribbons.

Here is the gift table. A lace table cloth, layered with burlap cover the table. I made the burlap and lace bunting which was super cute strung from two trees my mom-in-law already had at her house. These drawers were a little treasure I picked up at a local antique store that I recently came across. We put the cards that were sent ahead of time in here.

I was inspired to make burlap puffy balls by pinterest. Turns out there aren't too many tutorials on these. They are easy, but take a lot of time and more fabric than you might think. I made five, each different to add some interest.

 The games

We played two games at the shower.

{1} How old are we? I gathered ten pictures each from the bride and groom at various ages. I scanned the pictures into my computer and reprinted them in sepia tone. I picked up this old window at an antique store in Jenks, OK last month and replaced the glass with hex wire {chicken wire}. I attached the pictures with mini clothes pins from the craft store and numbered the pictures on each side 1-10. {All of the bride's pictures were on one side of the window and all of the grooms on another.} At the shower the guests write down how old they thought the bride and groom were in each picture and the winner got a little prize. This was a fun game and great for our party because the guests were mostly friends of the parents and it got them to know the couple a little more.

{2} The second game was a newlywed game for the bride and groom. I interviewed the groom ten questions beforehand and then asked the bride the same questions at the shower to see if they came up with the same answers. It was very entertaining. I tried to keep the questions light so no one would be upset by the answers being different.

The menu

To drink we had cucumber water, lemonade, and tea. The shower was at 11, so we served brunch.

You can find most of the following recipes on pinterest, but I will type them all out in a following post just to have them all in one place.

spinach and artichoke dip with wheat crackers

fruit salsa with cinnamon chips

veggie sticks and dip

chicken salad and potato rolls

individual cheesecakes served in 4 oz mason jars, strawberry or chocolate and caramel.

It was a really fun party to prepare for and to be a part of, especially for these two little ladies!