My kitchen...

Spring nesting is officially underway! I am proud to say I have marked off the first four items on the kitchen list. If you haven't seen the list, the link is on this post. The chores included dusting from the ceiling to floor; washing the walls, doors, baseboards, doorjams, and window sills; cleaning vent covers and vacuuming vents; and washing the inside and outside of windows. I can honestly say that I have not done one of these chores the entire time I have been living in this house. I think maybe my mom did some of them when I moved in... four years ago! Can you say gross?

I use this to dust.

 It's used for dusting car dashboards. You just shake it outside when you're done. For washing the walls, I dragged my biggest stockpot around the kitchen filled with hot soapy water.

My vents were completely filled with dust and trash. Haha! I can't believe I'm telling everyone this. But seriously, you should join in! It's only March 2nd, you have time to catch up.

As I was washing my windows today I was think of some things I love and hate about my kitchen window.


It is right over my sink, a place that I spend a lot of time washing dishes. So I can look out and daydream.

It is pretty and old. Original to the house, or so the windows salesmen tell me every couple of weeks when they come by. That makes it 44 years old.

When opened, it offers a nice breeze while cooking, and allows me to hear the laughter of my children playing in the yard with their daddy.


It has 12 panes which are killer to clean.

It is right above my sink, so it is constantly dirty with water splashes.

It is pretty small, and the only natural light my kitchen has.

It has a dirty old screen which obscures my view while daydreaming.

Aww man, more hates than loves. Well, what can you do?

Since it is the only natural light in my kitchen, I don't really want to put any curtains up. This is one of my major kitchen dilemmas. I want cute and I want light. Can't a girl have it all? I thought up a quick fix last week when Monkey was begging to craft. We pulled out our watercolors and everyone made a picture, even the Little Dude! We added salt to the wet watercolors for a cool effect {did you all do that in grade school art class too?}. That night I cut the watercolor papers into tiny triangles and strung them up with kite string... because that's what I happened to have lying around. The kids woke up the next morning and thought we were having party to which I replied life's a party!

 My happy little painter.

The window also holds my memory verse cards for the year. I have a little suction cup on the window and my memory verses on a ring hanging from it. I spend at least an hour doing dishes every day which is the perfect time to hide God's word in my heart. Make your chores work for you.

Send me some love people! Do you have any suggestions for my window situation? How do you make your chores work for you? Do you have nasty dust and trash in your vents :)?

Have a good weekend!

Elizabeth Ann

Oh, and just in case you were wondering about the random picture of my daughter and her friends in the tree yesterday... I got a couple new apps for my IPhone. Instagram and Photoshake. I'll try to add one picture each day with a semi-descriptive title. I hope you enjoy the added glimpse into our lives!