Preschool Sunday School Review {Power From on High}

Power from on High Scripture: Acts 2

Age group: 2-5 year olds

Notes: This lesson was a doosey. There are several concepts in this chapter of scripture that are difficult for children of this age to grasp. My class happens to review what they kids heard the previous week in children's church during the service hour, so I am at a bit of an advantage. Still, I figured this lesson might require a total reteaching {as opposed to mostly review}. I began with an opening activity so the kids could have a reference for what it means to speak a different language. Most of the 4-5 year olds will know a word or two of spanish, but may not heard someone speak fluently in a language that they could not understand. This lack of experience makes it difficult for them to see why speaking in tongues was such a big deal, and why God did it.

Opener: Find a sound clip or video clip of someone speaking another language for at least 2 minutes. I found my spanish clip in YouTube by searching someone speaking spanish. Tell the kids that you want them to listen to something and then tell you what was said. Play the clip. When the clip in over ask the kids what the person had to say. When they say I don't know tell them that God has given people who live in different places different languages to speak. You just heard a language called Spanish {or whatever your clip was}. We speak a language called English, that means that if you hear someone talk and can understand what they say, then they are speaking English too. Did you understand what this person said? That means they were not speaking your language. God did something pretty amazing with languages in our story today. Let's listen to find out what.

Focus: The Holy Spirit is God and is very powerful.

Lesson: {This is a paraphrasing based on Acts 2}

Do you remember what Jesus told his disciples to do right before he went into heaven? He told them to wait for a special gift, a helper. So Jesus' friends were all waiting for this helper when all of a sudden there was a really strong wind and something strange appeared above each of their heads. It looked like a tongue made of fire {see activity one}. The tongues of fire came and landed on their heads and they were all filled with the helper, called the Holy Spirit. And all of the disciples started talking in different languages than the one that they knew. It would be like you just started speaking Spanish like the man we heard earlier.

There were men around who started hearing Jesus' friends talking in their languages, they could understand people who they couldn't normally understand. And these men were really surprised. So Peter stood up and explained to them that God had given them this gift so that they could hear that Jesus is the Son of God. Peter told them men that they were sinners and needed a savior. Jesus was that Savior, but they hadn't believed him. Instead they killed him on the cross. But Jesus raised from the dead and if they believed in him now they could still be saved. A lot of the people who were listening to Peter believed in Jesus that day, then they got the gift of the Holy Spirit too. All the people who believed were so happy. They ate together, sang songs, prayed, and thanks God for everything he had done for them through Jesus.

Discussion questions:

1 - What was the name of the helper God was sending to Jesus' friends? The  Holy Spirit

2 -What did the Holy Spirit look like the first time he came? Like tongues of fire

3 - What could Jesus' friends do after they got the Holy Spirit? Speak in different languages

4 - Why did God want them to speak in different languages? So that other men could hear the truth about Jesus

5 - When the people believed in Jesus did they get the gift of the Holy Spirit too? Yes

6 - When we believe in Jesus do we get the gift of the Holy Spirit too? Yes! He doesn't appear as a tongue of fire anymore, but he does come and live inside of us.

Be sure the children understand that the Holy Spirit is God and that he is very powerful.

Pray: God, please give {fill in child’s name} faith to believe in Jesus so they can have the Holy Spirit just like the people who believed in our story. Thank you. Amen.


1 - Holy Spirit hats -

Supplies: poster board, pipe cleaners, tape, markers or crayons. There are three parts to this hat. The first part is a pice of poster board about 2 1/2 inches wide and long enough to wrap around their head. The second part is a smaller piece of poster board about 1 in wide and a little longer that the diameter of the hat. The third piece is a flame cut out of poster board. Staple the hat at the appropriate size for each child and cover the staples with tape so they don't scratch the children. Now staple the smaller piece of poster board across the top of the hat, cover the staples. Poke a hole at the midpoint of the small pasteboard and feed a pipe cleaner through. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the board a few times to secure it. Now let the kids color their flaming tongues and tape them to the other end of the pipe cleaner. For the flame to stand up straight I had to make my pipe cleaner pretty short. Now the kids have a visual of what it might have looked like when the Holy Spirit first appeared. I added Acts 2:38 to the hats.

2 - Act out the lesson - The kids really wanted to use their hats after they made them, so we dressed up in our bible times clothes and played disciple. One child even volunteered to be Peter. She stood on a chair and proclaimed Acts 2:38!

Memory Verse:

John 15:7 If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.