I won! {and a little project}

Before I took my break from blogging for the holidays, I was reading one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Ann. She has an amazing blog, a super cute family, is an awesome diy-er and is adopting a baby from China! Cool gal, go check her out here. Anyway, her blog is riddled with amazing sponsors and she hosts a giveaway day with prizes from each sponsor every month. I don't enter every month, but I did in November... and WON! Yea!! Winning is fun :). Turns out, the sponsor that caught my eye the most was the one I won, an Etsy shop called Brown Paper Packages {bppdesign}. At the time I was going through the study Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick and she was encouraging us to preach the gospel to ourselves everyday. I found a pretty good way to remember to do that is to have an 11x14 poster made up and display it in the most obvious place in my house! Brown Paper Packages had taken the lyrics from the Casting Crowns song Glorious Day and made a really eye-catching design with them. Joy at bppdesign was so nice to customize the size and color for me. It's pretty awesome! Here is a picture,






and just in case you can't see that because of the glare here's what it says:

Living, He loved me,

Dying, He saved me,

Buried, He carried my sins far away,

Rising, He justified freely forever,

One day He's coming, O glorious day

Love it!

I was left with a barren piano top after the Christmas decorations came down, so I made a little picture to go with my big gospel poster. Anyone on Pinterest has seen a million paint sample crafts I'm sure, but here is another one!

Step 1 - Gather some paint samples {I needed 35 for a 8x10 frame}.

Step 2 - Cut each sample into triangles of the same size and shape.

Step 3 - Glue onto the display paper thecomes with the frame. My design was completely random, minimal planning.

Step 4 - Display proudly, as if you didn't just swipe 35 paint samples. {Does that make anyone else feel a little skeezy?}

I did all this while Monkey was at preschool and the Little Dude was sleeping. Bear sat next to me for almost an hour entertained by our spin art machine. He likes it when the paint shoots out of the bottle and squirts all over the place. He made some lovely art that day!

I've got some more Pinteresting plans for the other side of my piano... for another day!

If anyone is curious, I got both frames and the matte board at Hobby Lobby and the paint sample colors are Valspar from Lowes.

Have a good one!

Elizabeth Ann