Another birthday party and a new name {Baby turns one!}

I don't know about you, but I had a seriously awesome Thanksgiving holiday. It was jam-packed full with people I love, doesn't get any better than that! Baby's birthday landed in the middle of all the craziness, so we celebrated as a big family on Monday. His theme was airplanes. The decorations were simple and mostly handmade. I made two from-box cakes, one to share and one to smash. We also had some "In-flight" snacks and beverages {capri-suns, waters, and chips} to go with some amazing pulled pork the Dude's dad smoked for 12 hours! I strung pictures from each month with clothes-pin airplanes.

My parents helped put together a paper airplane mobile to circle the top of the presents.. 

We added paper circle garland to the edge of the table.

It is typical for our party guests to be mainly grandparents, but this time we had a treat, my niece was in town for Thanksgiving! So we made it extra special by making personalized treat bags and airplane wings the kids could each decorate and zoom around the room. The treat bags were just brown paper lunch sacks with a star and wings drawn onto them. We filled them with a bag of chips, a push-pop airplane

and a wooden airplane with their names on it. I brought along a felt board picture backdrop which worked better in theory than reality, but the kids still had fun moving around the felt clouds and airplanes. 

My dad made some word and though bubbles out of wood for the pictures. 

My intentions were to have each guest take a picture with Baby, but everyone's naptime didn't quite cooperate so we did the best we could.

The word bubbles are really neat so I'm sure I'll find a use for them again! I have mentioned my parents several time in this post, they are invaluable to me. Here are my worker bees, buzzing away!

We rushed through presents to try to make it to cake before Baby had a meltdown. Notice his cute airplane shirt? That was Bears, from Baby Gap two years ago, when I had time and money to shop at Baby Gap :)

Even with everyone who knows Baby best in the same room, we could not come up with an animal name for him. So I have decided to call him Little Dude, because he loves his daddy, and hopefully he turns out just like him!

Happy Birthday Little Dude! We love you!