Preschool Sunday School Review {King of the Jews}

"King of the Jews" Scripture: Matthew 27:27-44, John 19:1-22

Age group: 4-5 year olds

Lesson: I read this story from our children's Bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible

Focus: Because we are sinful, we need a Savior.

Discussion Questions:

Show a picture of a king's crown and a picture of a crown of thorns.

Which crown did they people put on Jesus in our story? The crown of thorns

Does the crown of thorns look like crown that a king would wear? no

Jesus called himself King of the Jews. Did the Jews think he was their king? No

Since the people didn't believe Jesus was King, they put this ouchy crown on him to make fun of him.

What else did the soldiers and the people do to hurt and make fun of Jesus? Put a purple robe on him, bowed to him, spat on him, yelled at him, beat him, etc...

Just like these people, there are people alive today who do not believe that Jesus is King of the whole world. But Jesus is the real King, even if some people don't believe.

Could Jesus have gotten down from the cross like the people told him to? Yes, Jesus can do anything.

So why didn't Jesus get down from the cross? He had to die so that anyone who believes in him would not have to be punished for their sins, and can live forever with God in heaven.

Jesus is the only one who could save people from their sins, but only the people who believe in Jesus will be saved. The people who don't believe in Jesus will have to be punished.

Why don't people who believe in Jesus have to be punished for their sins? Because Jesus was already punished for them.

{Depending on the age/maturity of your kids, you might need to go into what "punish" means.}


Thank Jesus for being the real King. Ask that God would give each child in your class the grace and strength to believe that Jesus is the real King.


1 - Crown memory game - Print several different styles of crowns onto cardstock, two of each. Also print two crown of thorns. {I got all my images from the clip art in Word.} Cut around each crown in a square shape, making cards for memory. Lay the cards face down and have the children take turns making matches. After each match is found ask the children to lay out their  cards for everyone to see. Ask which crown does not belong {the crown of thorns}. Talk about why Jesus wore a crown of thorns instead of a king's crown.

2 - Popsicle stick puzzles -

Supplies: paper, printer, scissors, 7 large popsicle sticks per child, zipper bags, glue

Find a kid friendly image of Jesus. I found mine HERE. I downloaded the image to Publisher and changed the caption to "Jesus saves sinners like you and me" to better fit our lesson. Scale the image to 5 1/2" square. Print one for each child. Cut the image into 3/4" strips. Place strips and seven popsicle sticks in a plastic bag, one for each child in your class. The kids then glue one strip to each stick. When the glue has dried, they can order the sticks to form the image.

3 - Musical circles -

Supplies: 3 lengths of yarn, CD player, Bible songs CD

Lay out each length of yarn on the floor in circle shapes. When the music is playing the kids run and dance around the room. When the music stops, they jump into a circle. In our class, the last child to reach a circle said their memory verse. Keep playing and stopping the music until each child has said their verse. {Be sure to help those who need help remembering the verse. This should be fun, not intimidating for the children.} A variation would be to remove a circle after a few turns so they have to squeeze together.

Memory verse: John 3:16

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Elizabeth Ann