A Costume Party

I try to host a little get together at my house every year. This year was a Halloween costume party. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. Too much evil, too much scary, too much candy. So throwing a party around this holiday was a little out of character for me. I think I was a little sad about not having a birthday party for Monkey with her friends, so I jumped on the next available holiday. I know that everyone in the world has already forgotten about Halloween and moved on to Thanksgiving and perhaps even Christmas, but just bookmark or pin this page and you'll have your party all ready to go for next year! Here are some pictures of the little partiers. We had a couple lions, several princesses and super-heros, a dog, two werewolves, the cutest little owl ever, and several other adorable little costumes!

Here were the highlights:

{1} An incentive for moms to dress up. One the invitation I promised a prize for the best mom costume. It was really fun for the kids to see their moms dressed up in costumes. And don't worry about looking silly, your kids will think you're the best-dressed! I made this wreath for the prize. Each mom voted for their favorite costume and we tallied up the votes at the end. Strawberry Shortcake won at out party, but Wilma Flinstone and Supermom were also in the running.

{2} Simple decorations. Most of the party was outside {thank the Lord for a beautiful day!} So I just had a few streamers up in the kitchen. I didn't have the time or patience to make bunting, so I just drew some on my chalkboard.  

{3} Delegating. The invitaion asked for each mom to bring finger food to share for lunch and a prize for each child for their goodie bags, which they were all more than happy to do. That way, I didn't get too overwhelmed with the planning, or the spending. Supermom made super-cute owl cupcakes. They were just as yummy as they were adorable!

{4} Games. I put together a pumpkin balloon pop game, pin the face on the jack-o-lantern, bean-bag toss, and spin art in the garage.

Pumpkin Balloon Pop - Stuff one piece of candy into 26 orange balloons, blow they up and tie them. Tie a piece of ribbon or yarn to the balloon end. Draw a big pumpkin outline on a large piece of cardboard {I used a broken down box}. Start placing the balloons around the outline of the pumpkin by punching a hole in the cardboard with a screwdriver and feeding the ribbon through the hole. Tape the ribbon to the back. Continue until your pumpkin is filled in. If you have older kids at the party, they can throw a dart to pop their balloon. All of our kids were seven and under, so they just walked up and popped one with a skewer. This was everyone's favorite game.

Pin the face on the jack-o-lantern - Paint a large pumpkin on a piece of paper and cute out. I taped mine to a wood board we had in laying around. Next, cut jack-o-lantern features out of black paper and have tape or sticky tak available for sticking them to the pumkpin. Kids take turns being blindfolded and attaching the features to the pumpkin.

Bean-bag toss -  We have a little bean-bag toss board Monkey made at VBS this summer. I just covered it with paper and painted some jack-o-lanterns over the holes. Next I cut large Xs through the jack-o-lanterns so the bean-bags would fall through the holes.

Spin-art - Monkey got a spin-art kit for her birthday. I cut some extra paper squares and set up a table for the kids to each do one. The plan was to have halloween colors, maybe even glow-in-the-dark, but that didn't happen so they just used the paint that came with it. No one complained. The paintings were not dry by the end of the party, but that was okay because I see all of these kids every week at church so it was easy to return them. This activity does take some supervision!

So after about two hours of partying we handed out gift bags and balloons to each child, and sent all 19 of them home for a long nap. Thanks to everyone who came, it was really fun for my kids and I to have you over!

Love always,

Elizabeth Ann