Preschool Sunday School Review {"Let him be crucified"}

"Let Him be crucified" Scripture: Matthew 27:11-26

Age group: 4-5 year olds

Lesson: I like to tell the children which book of the Bible the story is coming from and either read it from the Bible, or place a copy of my paraphrasing in my Bible and hold it while I tell the story.

Focus: Because we are sinful, we need a Savior.

Discussion Questions:

There was a crowd in our story today. Were they happy or mad? Nice or mean? Mad and mean

Why was the crowd so mad at Jesus? Why were they being so mean to him? They didn't think he was who he said he was - the Son of God.

Is Jesus the Son of God? Yes!

So the crowd did not have a reason to be mean to Jesus. What does God call it when people are mean to each other? sin

God hates sin. He hates it so much that He can't be around it.

Do you sometimes sin? Yes, we are mean to people sometimes. We also commit other sins like lying, or thinking only of ourselves.

The Bible says that a sinner is someone who doesn't love God more than everything else. The Bible also says that if someone sins, they have to die.

Oh no! We just said that we are sinners and that everyone who sins has to die! What are we going to do? You know what we need? A Savior, someone who would be willing to die instead of us.

But it will only work if our Savior has never, EVER done anything wrong. Do you know anyone who never, ever did anything wrong? Jesus!

You know what? That is exactly why Jesus died on the cross. So that if we believe in him, we won't have to die for our sins because he already did!

Pray: Thank God for sending Jesus to die for our sins so that if we believe in him, we won't have to die. Ask God to send his grace to each of your children that they might believe in Jesus.

Memory Verse: John 3:16 


1 - Popsicle stick crosses - Give each child two popsicle sticks and a length of yarn {about a 12-18 inches}. Put a dot of glue on one popsicle stick near the top 1/3 of the stick and place the other stick on top at the center point {forming a cross}. Wait a few minutes for it to dry. While you are waiting, you can talk to the children about why we might want to make a cross. Try to bring the conversation back around to us being sinful and needing a Savior. Once the glue is sticking, help the children wrap the yarn around the intersecting point of the cross in a diagonal, criss-cross sort of way. Tie off the end.

{They might want to play swords with the crosses, which is fine. It might even be a good segue into reviewing when Peter drew his sword and cut off the soldiers' ear.}

2 - Dress up and act out the story. We have a tub of Bible times outfits for the kids to wear. They take turns being the key players {in this story: Jesus, Pilate, an angry crowd, religious leaders, and soldiers}.

Thanks for joining me!

Elizabeth Ann