Baby's birthday invitation

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I sent out Baby's birthday invitations today. Already?!? I CAN NOT BELIEVE he will be one in two weeks. This year has flown by, which is why I chose his birthday theme to be airplanes. More on that later :). I have been sending birthday invitations by email lately. Probably because I am a bit of a last-minute planner and my family needs to make travel plans so I have to hurry and get them the info. While I love sending and getting paper invitations, I have to say I love Smilebox! The free software is plenty for what I use it for, I can personalize invitations with pictures and text, no postage, and they arrive immediately to my guests inboxes. Beautiful. If you are desperate for a paper invitation to keep for yourself {scrapbook, maybe?} then you can upgrade your account and print one out. there is even a fourteen day trial, so you can do that free once!  You can take a peek at Baby's invitation above. Isn't he a cutie?!

Here is what he loves at one {almost}:

his new kitty - he says kiiieeee

throwing everything, especially mommy's cell phone

walking along furniture

seeing his big brother when he wakes up

his daddy - absolutely LOVES his daddy

pushing buttons


getting tickled

"jumping" on the bed

He's a pretty fun little dude. I'm so excited to celebrate his life in a few weeks, and don't worry, I'll share it here with you too!

It's raining here, which make for a really nice at-home play day, my favorite kind of Monday. I hope you have a good one too! 

Elizabeth Ann

{This week's preschool Sunday school review will be posted  later tonight.}

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