Meet Monday

So we took the plunge and got a kitten. Meet Monday. He came to us from the animal shelter as Davy Jones, but The Dude's family has a long-standing tradition of naming their cats something that starts with "M". Matt, Markie, Madden, Mckinney, Milton, Merl.... there's probably more I just can't remember. So we asked Monkey what "M" name we should choose for Davy and somehow we landed on Kitty Monday.I have to say, I'm a fan of the name. It makes me smile! We picked him out on Sunday and got to get him today. Here's a picture of the kids waiting for their new kitty to come through the door. Of course it helps that Robin Hood was playing in the lobby. :)

I have to admit that I am still a little nervous about this whole cat thing. I feel out of my league here. Babies I can do, but cats? I really don't know the first thing. He just fell asleep griping my sweater as I type. Is that normal? Anyway, just like with a new baby, I'm sure we'll adjust and this will be the new norm.

Monkey thinks he should sleep in her baby doll's bed.We brought him home and the kids spent a good hour getting to know him. I made Bear sit down and wait until Monday came to him, all he wants to do is hold him. I figure the least I can do for this poor kitty after bringing him into our crazy life is to try to keep the two-year old from chasing him all around the house. On second thought, maybe that's exactly what I should let Bear do, seems like good entertainment! 

So I guess Baby isn't really the baby anymore. Time to think of an animal nickname for him. Any ideas?

In other news:

Eating tonight: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, squash, and chocolate cookies :) I LOVE cooler weather. So many more options in the kitchen.

Watching: Felicity. Remember, one of those old teen dramas from the CW? Takes me back to early high school. I think I started watching it because I could relate to her unfortunate hair dilemma.

Reading: Psalm 73, A Praying Life by Paul Miller, and Because He Loves Me by Elise Fitzpatrick. All really good.

Planning: DIY Christmas decorations and Baby's first birthday party.

Making: Fabric flowers and a Thankful Tree {on my Pinterest board, you can look here.}

Stalling: Dished and Laundry. Always.

Thankful for: A sweet friend who did my dishes for me while watching my kids yesterday so I didn't have to take them to the grocery store in the sleeting rain.

Looking forward to: Girls night at a local Bed and Breakfast tomorrow night and a football party to watch  Kansas State v Oklahoma State on Saturday!

 Have a happy Thursday! 

Elizabeth Ann