Preschool Sunday School Review {Peter denies Jesus}

Peter denies Jesus Scripture: Luke 22:54-62

Age group: 4-5 year olds

Lesson: This passage is short and easy to read so I just read it from my Bible. It's important for the kids to know that the stories that come from the Bible are true, that they really happened.

Focus: If we trust in Jesus and repent, God promises that he will forgive us.

Discussion Questions:

Do you remember what happened last week with Jesus and Peter? Jesus told Peter that he would deny him three times before the rooster crowed.

Did Peter believe that he could do something like that? no

What happened in our story today, did Peter do what Jesus said he would? Yes, he denied he knew Jesus three times, and then a rooster crowed.

Was Peter sorry for what he did? Yes, the Bible says that he wept bitterly. That means he was so sad that he couldn't stop crying.

Do you think that God forgave Peter for what he did? Yes, the Bible says that Jesus forgave Peter for telling people that he didn't know him.

What do we call it when we do something God doesn't want us to do? sin

Do you ever sin? yes, we all do

Do you think God is ever surprised by our sin? no, God knows everything before it even happens

The Bible says that if we believe in Jesus and are truly sorry for our sins {repent}, God will forgive us {we can be friends with God}. 1 John 1:9

Pray, confessing sin and thanking God for forgiving us.


1 – Animal noises - Print pictures of several animals that make easily recognizable noises {cat, dog, mouse, cow, horse, duck, rooster...} and tape them around the room. Have all the children stand in the middle. The teacher makes an animal noise and the kids run to the picture of the animal that matches that noise. If you want to use this as an opening game end with the rooster and tell the kids that there is a rooster in our story today.

2 – Rooster resist paintings - Draw a rooster lightly on a watercolor paper. Add a few drops of black paint to a bottle of white school glue. Trace the rooster with your black glue and let dry completely. {This needs to be done at least a day before.} The kids can use watercolor to paint their rooster, and the outline will be raised on the paper. {Similar to felted coloring sheets}. I put 1-2-3 at the top of the paper in black glue as well and discussed details of our story as we painted.

3 - What came first? - Print out and color scenes from the story. If your stories are in sequence like our are, you can print images from previous weeks as well. Give each child a picture and ask them what they think is happening in the picture. Then help the students line up in order of what came first in the story. 

4 – Dress up and act out the story. We have a tub of Bible times outfits for the kids to wear. They take turns being the key players {in this story, Jesus, Peter, 3 servants, rooster}

Scripture Memory – Matthew 3:17 and behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”