Preschool Sunday School Review {Jesus says, "Not my will, but yours"}

I've pretty much been in church my whole life. Some of my early childhood memories are from Sunday school. I don't specifically remember what my teachers taught me, but I'm sure it was about the love of Jesus and truth about God from Old Testament stories. My parents started teaching my class when I was in fourth grade which was fun for me. It's interesting how things come full circle as I am now a Sunday School teacher with Monkey as one of my students. I don't take teaching these little ones lightly, I count it as a privilege and a responsibility. Our church is structured in such a way that the story I have for them each week is a review from children's church from the week before. So I use my 45 minutes reinforcing truths that they heard a week ago. Did you know that four and five years old don't have a very long attention span? Imagine that! So I try to make it interesting with games, activities, and crafts that all relate back to the key theme of the story that I am trying to emphasize. Often times I scour the web looking for activities and come up short, so I make up my own. I know some of my readers also teach Sunday School, or at least have small children of their own at home, and could use these activities when teaching the truths of scripture in their church or home. Our church uses an amazing curriculum called He Has Spoken By His Son by Edith Carlson and Sally Michael. It is distributed by Desiring God Ministries. I won't be sharing the details of the lessons from this curriculum, rather my activities and schedule for the lesson. If my activities came from somewhere else on the web I will cite that source. So here is the first lesson in what I hope will become a Monday standard for this blog. Jesus says, "Not my will, but yours"

Scripture: Luke 22:39-53; John 18:1-11

Age group: 4-5 year olds

Lesson: Read the story from the Bible or a children's Bible such as the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Focus: We can trust God and obey Him

Discussion Questions:

What did Jesus pray in the garden? That the cup would pass from him

What was the cup? Jesus facing God's wrath  on the cross

Did Jesus know what was going to happen to him? Yes

Do we always know what is going to happen to us? no

Even though Jesus was scared, he was willing to obey God, to do what God wanted.

What did God want for Jesus? to die on the cross and take on the sins of the world so that whoever believes in Jesus would not have to be punished for their sins

Was what God wanted a good thing? Yes, he loves you so much that he made a way for you to be his friend! That is good news!

We may not always understand why God is telling us to do something but we can trust and obey Him because the Bible says that God will make everything good for people who love Jesus {Romans 8:28}.

Pray - Thank God that we can trust him and ask him to help us obey him.


1 - Obstacle course. Set up a simple obstacle course around the room. Explain that the kids will only get one direction at a time so they need to be good listeners. Give the kids the direction {i.e., walk around a chair, crawl under a table, jump 5 times, sit down in a chair, walk backwards to the wall.} Have candy or some other prize hidden at the end of the obstacle course. Connection - say, wasn't that silly? Did you know why I was having you do all those silly things? You may not have known what was coming next, but what happened at the end? Yea, you got candy! This obstacle course was like our lives. We might not know what will happen next or why God is telling us to do things, but if we trust in Jesus, He will have good things for us.

2 - Garden collage - cut garden plant pictures from magazines and have the kids past them to a piece of construction paper as a collage. Make a paper sign that says Trust and Obey God and one that says Not my will, but yours for the kids to add to their collages.

3 - Life-size game board - Lay construction paper or foam mats of different colors out on the floor as a path. Have the kids start at one end and ask them discussion questions. When they get one right, they can jump to the next mat. Keep asking questions and moving the kids along until they get to the end of the path.

4 - Dress up and act out the story. We have a tub of Bible times outfits for the kids to wear. They take turns being the key players {in this story, Jesus, Peter, Judas, disciples, soldiers}

Scripture Memory - Matthew 3:17 and behold, a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased."

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Elizabeth Ann