Fall leaf frames {a DIY project}

I planned to take the kids for a walk on our fishing trip to collect leaves and acorns for some projects at home. Turns out they really liked fishing, so we didn't go on many walks. On Wednesday, the big kids were napping and Baby was wide awake making a lot of noise, so I took him out in the stroller and collected the leaves myself. It had been raining, so most of the leaves I found were damp, but I was okay with that. We walked up and down the river for over an hour as I filled the basket under the stroller with as many varieties of leaves I could find while Baby finally fell asleep. We packed up to leave on Thursday and I remembered I hadn't found all of my acorns. I needed 55 of them {I'll tell you why later}. Luckily there was an oak tree generously dropping acorns in the parking lot, so I grabbed a bag and started counting while The Dude entertained the kids in the car. I had 5 acorns to go when he finally figured out what I was doing. He said sweetly are there no oak trees at home? I stalled him with some excuse as I snatched the last couple of acorns. There is just something special about bringing home a part of nature from a family vacation. Its kind of like bottling sand from the beach... Then I stuffed my leaves in the bag, threw it on top of our load and we headed home.

By the time we got back to Kansas and I pulled them out of the bag most of the leaves had dried in a curled up, not pretty kind of way. I stuck them in some water overnight then laid them between paper towels with a sheet pan on top to dry them flat.

My plan to preserve the leaves comes from Martha Stewart. I heated some paraffin wax in a double boiler and dipped the leaves in one at a time. After drying them on some waxed paper I got to work on framing my favorite 5. Here's what I used and how I did it:

Supplies: frames, hot glue, burlap, waxed leaves, spray paint


{1}remove glass and backs from frames {2} spray paint frames {3} hot glue burlap to the back of the frames, pulling as you go {4} trim off any excess burlap around the edge of the frame {5} hot glue waxed leaves to the front of the burlap inside the frame

Easy peasy.

This is where I found the kids this morning. I hope they love each other like this forever.