Gone Fishing

I realized something today. We travel a lot. We got home today from a fishing trip to Roaring River, MO. Back in June for our anniversary I gave the Dude two nights in a cabin at Roaring River. His grandparents brought him here several times as he was growing up. He loves to fish. When we first got married I got really sick on our honeymoon {thanks Mexico}. The bug stuck with me for about six months, during which he was supposed to go fishing, but had to stay home to take care of me. He considered that his crash course in "in sickness and in health". We took all the kids and conned his grandparents into coming along. It was a great time. The second we arrived we kicked The Dude out to get started fishing and went for a little walk. We found some swings!

Monkey is her daddy's daughter, she had the itch to fish.

Here she is with her first fishing license.

She has a pink princess fishing pole. Have you ever seen anything cuter?!

It took her about 5 minutes to get the process down. Push the button. One, two, three ... Release!

The girl caught a fish. Yep. My four year old caught a fish! The second one was given to her by an old man fishing next to her. She was fishing so patiently, he asked her if she wanted to land a fish that he had caught. Cuteness pays off.

Baby slept a lot. Good boy.

The Dude, passing on his legacy. Although Bear was a little young to fish on his own.

But he liked doing it with his daddy. They even had on matching shirts.

And then my camera broke. I had it in my back pocket and sat down on a rock. It now has a rock shaped black out mark on the glass. I can see half of the picture, so I might still be able to use it. But still, sad.

The Dude and I finished off the trip by catching our limit this morning, bright and early. I hope this becomes a tradition for our family like it was for The Dude. I know that Monkey is hooked.


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