I made that {onesies}

I mentioned a few posts ago that I recently got a new niece. My brother and sis-in-law had their second baby girl and I decided to hand make her baby shower gift. I got three white long-sleeved onesies and used some fabric I had on hand to make them cute! I couldn't have done this project without the Dude's grandparents. They watched the kids all day while I sewed and sewed and sewed. I don't know how you mama's get sewing projects done on a regular basis. I just can't make it happen.

I found the idea for the flower onesie on Etsy but I can't find the shop now. {If it's yours, feel free to comment and I will site your shop here.} The ruffle bottom onesie tutorial is HERE, and the onesie dress HERE.

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Elizabeth Ann