A birthday party {four year old girl}

Saturday was Monkey's birthday party. Each of her parties have been at the Dude's parents house in Dallas. She is almost to the age of wanting to have a birthday party with other kids around, but I think having all of her grandparents there is such a sweet time for everyone. So this year it was just the family and a few close friends again, and again it was awesome. When I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday party she said have a treasure hunt. At the time we were listening to The Laurie Berkner Band CD Rocketship Run. Several songs on that album are about a treasure hunt. I knew that with my parents' and in-law's help we could make this really good.

My dad woodworks, so he made the most darling little treasure/jewelry box you have ever seen. My mom painted it pink with little shimmery sparkles and added some "bling" as she so hiply called it! Then they filled it with things any little four year old girl would squeal over: princess crown, Hello Kitty sunglasses, lots of jewelry... It even had a false bottom and a padlock. Good stuff!

My mother-in-law was in charge of the scavenger hunt since the party was at her house and she is basically the most capable person I know for stuff like this. She is my go-to person for activity ideas for little kids. Love her! She made the hunt progressive. So the first clue led her to a bag of goodies for her and her brothers and the second clue, which led her to more goodies and the third clue, and so on.

Every stop had a loving grandparent, aunt, or uncle to deliver the next clue. It ended in the kitchen with confetti, cake, singing Happy Birthday, and the treasure box!

I was in charge of the cake, cupcakes, and decorations. I went homemade for everything this year. Monkey wanted a 4 cake. I said you want a 4 on your cake? She said no, I want a cake shaped like a 4. So this was my best effort. I pieced together rectangles cut from an 8x8 square pan and iced carefully with her requested pink icing. After the cake was completed I couldn't get it off the tray I had iced it on, so I decorated the tray!

I taped paper circles to the outer edge. {My new favorite tool is my circle punch, or should I say was. I got in a hurry and tried to punch too many circles and broke it. Darn.} Then I covered the bottom of the tray with almost two bottles of sprinkles. Long candles and a four un-iced cupcakes finished the look. I made some cute cupcakes {from a box recipe} and topped them off with handmade toothpick flags. 

The final decoration was paper bundting in coordinating paper. Fun and festive!

Monkey finished off her party with opening gifts. Everyone was so generous. She was gracious enough to let Bear and Baby help a little, which is hard. I was proud of her!

A sleepy birthday girl spent the afternoon working puzzles with her grandma and grandpa in one some of her new dress up clothes. It was a fun day!

One last thing:

Every year for her birthday I have her make a hand print in her birthday book and all of the guests sign around it. Then I add pictures from the party and all of the guests can look back the next year to see how much she has grown. I'm not into scrapbooking as much as I used to be, but this book is worth the effort. I know I will cherish it for years to come.

In case you wondered...

Paper: The Paper Source So-So-Sweet paper pack - Hobby Lobby

Circle punch: The Paper Source 2" circle punch - Hobby Lobby