The Fair

Growing up my dad was not fond of crowds, or junk food, or wasting money... so the Fair was something we just didn't do. It wasn't until I was in high school that my best friend dragged me there and had to sternly warned me not to entertain the carnies {carnival game workers} with conversation if I didn't plan on playing the game. Going to the Fair now isn't really even an option. Maybe it's because we live less than three miles away from it. We don't get asked are you going to the Fair? It's more like  how many times are you going to the Fair? This year the answer was three. We went the first day before it technically opened, went home for naps and came back with the Dude that evening. We went again a few days later when admission was free and the rides were cheap. I got the privilege of tagging along with one of my friends who has been attending the Fair for 27 years. It was awesome, she knew where all the cheap/free stuff was! The kids like riding rides and eating Pronto Pups {corn dogs}. The Dude goes for beer and wings in the beer garden. I can't seem to say no to a funnel cake... and a foot long hot dog... and fried cheese...and icecream. Oh well, what's the Fair for if not for eating? We saw the cows get milked, cute little bunnies, loud obnoxious stinky chickens, baby pot belly pigs, and many more animals. Monkey even got her very first pony ride. The kids rode the farris wheel, the cars, the motorcycles, and the big yellow slide, which was by far the highlight of the Fair! We finished off the festvities by watching a parade of bands on Main Street. Bear liked the drums, Monkey the dancers.

I can't help it dad, I get excited every time the Fair comes  to town. I can't wait for it to come back next year. Just another perk of living in the middle of Kansas!

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