Sidewalk paint

It's been pretty busy around here lately. It feels like Thursday or Friday to me... alas, it's only Tuesday! I'm looking forward to taking a trip to my old Oklahoma stomping grounds this weekend for my sister-in-law's baby shower, maybe that's why I'm trying to speed up my week. The Dude has been making me some benches for the kitchen for a while {to be revealed later}. Last week he finally put the finishing touches on them and asked me to paint.

Painting with three little ones? Easier said than done. I decided to get an early start one morning when only Monkey was awake. I heard the phrase Mommy, can I paint too, pleeease about 300 times before I decided to give her an activity.

You can find this project all over the internet. I saw it first on MaryLea's craft blog, and then again on Meg's. It was so simple, I just had to try it.

The recipe is equal parts cornstarch and water and a couple drops of food coloring. We mixed ours on the kitchen floor, put lids on them and Monkey helped carry them outside.

There was one for each color in the rainbow! Monkey wanted to paint something {not just the driveway} so I pulled out an old table I use for holiday decorating on the porch. The paints start out really faint but dries pretty bright.

She was having a good time and I got some painting of my own done.

Pretty soon the boys woke up and joined in the fun. Everything is a bit less civilized with them around,

so I had to give up on my project and help paint the driveway.

Bear started flinging paint which created a cool splatter effect.

Soon we were all flinging paint! I'm sure we were quite the spectacle. Baby got hit with some shrapnel.

The sprinkler washed a lot of it away, but it hasn't rained yet, so some of our driveway is still embellished with their lovely creations!

Happy Painting!