Painting pinecones. Who knew?

I lost my keys again. In an effort to make the most of a frustrating situation, the kids and I walked to the park. What a beautiful morning the Lord blessed us with! Overcast, breezy, high 70s. Perfect. I remembered my camera but forgot my memory card, so here is the one picture that would fit on my internal memory. We were the only ones at the park so we played hide and seek. When it is Bear's turn to hide he jumps out and says found you! Then he cracks up. Every time. He can not be convinced to hide until the counter finds him. Oh well, as long as he is having fun. On the way home Monkey and Bear were trying to throw pine cones back into the tress. I told them to pick a couple and we would decorate them at home.

They decided to use paint and glitter. This is Monkey's.

She kept saying Isn't it gorgeous? Yes, my three year old uses words like gorgeous.

As I was painting my pine cone, I was reminded of this sequence from calculus

F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2},\!\,

with seed values

F_0 = 0 \quad\text{and}\quad F_1 = 1.
Does anyone recognize that? It's called the Fibonacci numbers. The first few numbers in the sequence are 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13, 21, 34, 55,...

The sequence is found in nature in places like the branches on a tree, the outer shell of an artichoke, the arrangement of stems of a leaf, and the stems on pinecones, just to name a few. I painted my pine cone with each number in the sequence a different color.


Wikipedia sites the first origins of this sequence back to 200BC. That is incredible to me. I am in awe of a God who created everything from nothing and chooses to reveal mysteries like mathematical sequences to limited human minds, letting us catch just a glimpse of his greatness, creativity, and infinite knowledge. Fibonacci may take credit for discovering the connection between this sequence and biology, but God knew it first. He created it that way. Simply amazing. Isn't it fun how seemingly little things from our day like pinecones can stir our affections for God?

After this morning I find myself thankful once again that I do not order my own steps. Had I been in charge of my own agenda, I would have my keys and would be who knows where. But God wanted pinecones in my house today because he loves me and wants me to delight in him. 

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." -John Piper