A quiet activity for preschoolers

I have been wanting to make my own lace cards for a while. I finally got around to it Saturday night! I made these cards for my 4-5 year old Sunday School class. I wanted this craft to be a little longer lasting, so I covered them in clear contact paper. Want to make your own? Here's what you need:

construction paper





hole punch

clear contact paper (or a laminator)

{1} Cut out a whatever shape you want your lace card to be from the construction paper.

{2} If you want to write something on the shape, do it now.

{3} Cover both sides in clear contact paper.

{4} Cut around your shape leaving about 1/4 inch contact paper all around.

{5} Punch holes all around the perimeter of your shape.

{6} Cut a length of yarn long enough to outline the shape.

{7} Dip one end of the yarn in glue and hang to dry. Once the glue is dry the yarn will be more like a shoelace and easier for preschoolers to lace through the holes you just made.

{8} After the glue is dry tie the non-glued end of yarn to the shape through one of the holes.

{9} Lace, unlace, and lace some more!

Now you can go enjoy some quiet time!

In case you're curious, the scripture reference on the card is Mark 10:13-16 which is the story of Jesus welcoming and blessing the little children. This would be a great opportunity to talk with your child about how Jesus loves them. To take it a little deeper, talk about why Jesus said only those like children will enter the kingdom of heaven. In Sunday School we focused on the childlike attributes of teachability, humility, and trust.


The winner of the Halfway Herbert book is...

Julie - I'll be sending your book this week!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I realized later that my link to the contest page on Friday was broken. Sorry about that, I promise to be better about checking my links in the future. I'll have another contest soon to try to redeem myself!