It's whats for lunch

For me, my favorite summer salad! Let me introduce you to the players:

strawberries, thinly sliced

lettuce, a handful of your choice {I used romaine today, spinach is also tasty}

crumbled feta cheese

chopped walnuts

Kraft creamy poppy seed dressing

I won't tell you how much to put in of each ingredient. It is my opinion that everyone enjoys their salad differently {some with dressing on the side, some more lettuce,etc.} This is a must try, even if you think you don't like feta. It's delicious, really. Grilled chicken would also go well in this to round it out as a main dinner dish. As long as the Dude is out-of-town, he doesn't do salad as a meal.

For Monkey, mini sandwiches on a stick.

It's pretty simple

sliced ham

baby tomatoes cut even smaller



Roll the ham and lettuce together, stick a toothpick through them. Add a tomato and hand to your preschooler.

I don't know how it is at your house, but around here meals are a lot more fun served on sticks. I can count on them eating just about anything without a fight if it is cut into bite sized pieces and they don't have to use a fork. Monkey has boundless energy which is remarkable because the girl hardly eats anything. She'll take one bite and say she's all done, anxious to go play again. I'm convinced that if I didn't make her, she would never eat or sleep. So it's nice to have a couple of meals up my sleeve that are enjoyable and nutritious for her. Today she took her meal on the floor while she worked her puzzles.

Before:After:Where did the grape stem go? Hmm... maybe she eats more than I thought.

Here's to great lunches!

Elizabeth Ann