I am a new member the site called Pinterest. Can anyone tell me if you pronounce it P-Interest or PINterest? I say P-Interest. Anyway, it is my new time waster and I love it! I say time waster because it is something I do on the internet that I didn't do before when I could be doing other things in the real world {sleeping, cooking, cleaning, reading, ect.}. However, it is possible that it saves time... If you don't know about Pinterest yet, it is a site that behaves like a bulletin board. When you come across something on the internet that you would like to remember for later you pin it to a board on your Pinterest account and it will save there so you can visit the site later with ease. It is all presented so nicely, too. Also, it syncs with your Facebook account so you can look at the boards of all your friends. Confused? You can check out one of my boards HERE.  

I have already tried two things I came across on this site.

{1}Tile coasters

Materials: porcelain tiles, scrapbook paper, mod podge, felt, glue gun

Process: Spread some mod podge on the tile. Place paper on top. Mod podge over the paper. Hot glue felt to the bottom. Done.

I had all the materials on hand thanks to the bag of white tiled left in my basement by the previous owners. And I presented them to my friend last night for her birthday. Fun!

{2} Newsprint nails

Materials: nail polish, alcohol, newspaper, cotton ball

Process: Paint nails and let dry. soak cotton in alcohol {I used vanilla vodka because it is what I had and no one around here will ever drink it.} Rub alcohol on the nail. Place newspaper on the nail and put alcohol cotton ball on top to soak. Hold 30 seconds or so and slowly remove paper. Paint top coat.

I had some friends over last night. They thought I was a little crazy while I was trying this, but they were impressed with the results. It's kind of fun because I never, EVER paint my fingernails.

If you're looking for something to do you should check out Pinterest and see what fun adventures it takes you on! {And then follow my boards!}

Oh and I just heard my best friend from back home is having her baby today!!! Yea J!! Can't wait to see that baby!

Love always!

Elizabeth Ann