Thinking outside the box

Monkey has not shown very much interest in drawing which led me to believe that art was not one of her main interests. Yesterday she surprised me. I was cleaning out her closet and pulled down a basket of miscellaneous items {glue stick, piggy bank, mini tambourine, mini playing cards, a bouncy ball, stickers, a black marker, ect...} She said I want to glue something. I gave her a notebook for paper and went about my business of organizing clothes. My back was turned to her but I could hear her humming to herself. After about 10 minutes she unveiled her creation. I figured she would glue the playing cards to the paper and use the stickers. I was not expecting this mixed media masterpiece. This mamma was stunned by her creativity. I said Wow! That is amazing! Let me get my camera! We snapped several pictures and oooed and awwed about what she did with each piece. Then Bear woke up from his nap and promptly removed the 3D items. I told Monkey that is why we took a picture and promised we would frame it and hang it on the wall in her room. What a cute reminder to not limit my kids' interests to what I think they should be. Let them think outside of the box! I hope you have an out of the box experience today!

Elizabeth Ann