Lately {a random post}

Gotta love the Target dollar bin, am I right? I stopped in Target in Amarillo for diapers and emerged with two bags bursting with dollar bin goodies. I knew my kids needed a boost to help them make it all the way home, and the Target swag did the trick! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here's something about me, I love to teach my kids. I don't always play with them very well. I mean play like dress up and play tea party, or super hero, or barbies, or cars. It has been my goal recently to make a conscious effort to be present in their lives. What is important to them is that I get down on the floor and work a puzzle or zoom a car. It is important to them that I give them a piggy-back ride to the bathroom for the fortieth time that day. It is important to them that I stop saying in a minute, later, when I'm done with__________, not right now. It is important that I sit down with them at the table for lunch and carry on a conversation with them. This is how they feel loved by me. So that's something I'm working on/ praying about. You can read a fun DIY project related to this idea here.


Speaking of prayer... I am in a mentor group and we are reading A Praying Life by Paul Miller. Before reading this book I had no idea what I didn't know about prayer, it is so enlightening. During the last session we talked about how God is infinite and personal. God is sovereignly in control of EVERYTHING {infinite}. That includes the smallest details of our lives {personal}. I have a verse hanging in my kitchen window, cast all your anxiety on him, for he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7. All. For example, I lost my keys this weekend. Normally when I lose my keys, if I really look for them, I will find them. This time was different, I had really looked several times. Tuesday morning I prayed that God would help me find my keys. I acknowledged that God knew where my keys were sitting at that very moment and asked that he would please lead me there. That afternoon, my hand came across the keys in the middle of Bear's matchbox car box. Thank you, Lord, for being personal and for caring.


Okay, back to the Target bin. I have been wanting to work with Monkey on her calendar because she has a hard time with what today and tomorrow and next week means. I have also been encouraged  by my awesome mother-in-law {who also happens to be an awesome early ed teacher} to work with the kids on counting their teen numbers. So I picked up this calendar in the dollar bin without really looking at it. It will take some tweaking to make it usable as a calendar, but SCORE! There were two sets of calendar numbers! I had Monkey help me tear them apart. Then I found the numbers 10-19 and lined them up vertically. This was another great idea from my mom-in-law because it is easy to point out patterns in the ones and tens place. Monkey caught on pretty quickly, so we practiced counting the numbers and then I took the cards away and she had to reorder them. Next, I plan on writing the number word on the back of cards 1-12 so Monkey can start seeing the number sights words.


We picked our first garden tomato this week. The kids like tomatoes anyway, but we all agreed that this one tasted amazing. We are eagerly awaiting our next three to ripen. Although the plant is looking a little sad. Guess that's what happens when you spend a week away and don't ask anyone to come water. I won't make the same mistake for our next vacation, which kicks off on Sunday.


See my smart baby? He can read, upside-down. He's pretty cool.


Here's Monkey with her new 100 piece Fancy Nancy puzzle! Still amazing that this wiggly girl will sit still long enough to work a puzzle, it is her new favorite pastime. And if you were wondering why her hair is always crazy, blame it on the curls and the humidity. Poor girl, I know what you're going through!

Well, that post was pretty random... hope you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Ann