Shape Art

I have a problem... I lose my keys all the time. It is so frustrating. I have been praying and searching all morning and nothing, yet. I'm sure they'll turn up. They always do. Anyway, I had the big kids scheduled for an art class at the rec center this morning, shape art. I love that Bear can go to classes now, he gets so excited to be included with his big sister! Sadly, I had to tell them we couldn't go because mommy lost the keys to the car. Monkey took the change in plans surprisingly well! But I promised her that after nap we would do shape art at home. I've been googling potential projects and here are the ones I am going to try...

Shape book. Make a book from construction paper. Have shapes cut out. Write on the first page Green square, green square, what do you see? I see a red circle looking at me. On the next page, Red circle, red circle, what do you see? I see a blue triangle looking at me. On the next page, Blue triangle, blue triangle, what do you see? I see a ___________ looking at me. You get the picture. I'll have them paste shapes on each page. I might even let Monkey cut out the shapes, we'll see!

Shape poster. Cut a big circle out of butcher paper. He can use empty toilet paper rolls and paint to stamp circles. Use empty plastic containers for different sizes {cool whip, sour cream, whatever you have}. Once that dries he can paste on circle objects {buttons, fruit loops, beads}, or use circle shaped stickers {smiley faces, sports balls}. For the triangle poster cut out a large triangle from butcher paper and several smaller triangles to paste on. Be sure to include different triangles {right triangle, isosceles, and equilateral}. Cutting these out of cellophane or scrapbook paper would give this poster some interest. For a square poster you could do rubbings. Cut different size squares out of sandpaper, cork, wood {think stacking blocks}. Place a large square paper over the objects and teach him how to color all over with the side of a crayon.

Shape people. My daughter does not like to draw. Gasp! I love to draw but I guess I don't do it enough in front of her. That will change today! We'll practice simple shape people. Circle head, square body, rectangle arms and legs, oval hands and feet. Fun!

Sorry there are no pictures, we haven't actually done the crafts yet :)

Hope your Monday is shaping up to be fantastic!

Don't worry, I know I'm lame!