Family photos {yes!}

Sometimes I wish I were a photographer. I have an artistic side that has been dormant for quite some time. It comes out to play on rainy afternoons when the laundry and dishes are miraculously already clean. It shows its pretty face and then goes back to hibernating.

Mostly, I satisfy my need to create with kid projects. I always have a craft for the preschool Sunday school class that I teach, much to the chagrin of the Dude who is my helper. The words, mommy can we do a project are uttered several times a week, which I am happy to oblige.


I can't wait until my kids are a little bit older so we can really start creating together. I hope I'm not using their toddlerhood as an excuse for limiting projects. My mom was so good at letting me "help" her with whatever she was crafting at the time. I want to be like that.

What was I saying, oh yea, photography! I have a few acquaintances, friends, and fellow bloggers that are AMAZING photographers. Check them out!

Ashley Ann

Shannon Cunningham

Jennie Frake

Abby Wood

Luckily, one of them lives in my town and goes to my church. If you are in the middle of Kansas and need a photographer look up Monica Warren, all of the following photos in this post are credited to her creative eye!

It all started with just me and this handsome fella.

Then along came this pretty little thing.
Then our heartbreaker.

And baby makes 3!


Getting the whole family to focus and look at the camera was a bit of a challenge.

But we hung in there and got a few great ones!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at my little family! Have a blessed day!

Elizabeth Ann