The love tree

The Dude and I have been married for five years now. That sounds like a long time, but it has gone by so fast. A lot has happened in these three years. Among other things, we have moved three times and had three babies! The traditional gift for the fifth anniversary is wood, and the Dude blew me away with a beautiful little tree. And now for some history... I grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in a two-story house with a Japanese Maple in the front garden. There was a front room in that house with windows that opened to the tree. My mom planted ivy and azaleas around the tree and I remember her admiring it on many occasions. It was her favorite tree and I grew to love it with her. Eventually we all moved out of that house, but we drive by whenever we get back to Broken Arrow. Not very long after the new owners had the house they tore down our tree. Shocking, I know.

Fast forward three years, the Dude and I are creating a garden in our front yard. He mentions in passing that it would be cool to have a Japanese Maple in the corner. Yes! Yes! Yes! Another year goes by and now I am the proud owner of a four-foot Bloodgood Japanese Maple tree. We found the perfect home for it in our backyard and will plant it this weekend.

Along with the tree is the sweet idea of a tree maturing with our marriage. Like a marriage, this tree requires some special care. It must be shielded from the strong south wind and harsh afternoon sun. It must be kept moist in the first fragile years, but not drowned. As time goes by and with proper attention, the tree with grow stronger. In marriage, we stay shielded from the strong winds of this world that could blow us off of our foundation by staying rooted in God's word. Protect from harsh words by considering your spouse before yourself. Water the marriage with trust and communication. Find a good resource on the subject of Biblical womanhood or manhood and make emulating Christ and the church your primary purpose as a couple. Five years seem like a long time now, but God willing, we will repeat these five years ten times over. I can see us celebrating 50 years by our love tree laughing about how much we thought we knew at 5. If you have any fun anniversary stories or Godly marriage advice or resources, please leave a comment!

Love always, Elizabeth Ann