Trip to the zoo, rain or shine

Last week we took a trip to St. Louis for my cousin's wedding. St. Louis has so many fun things for families to do, and we only had one free day. We thought about going to the Arch of course, or Union Station, or Grant's Farm. But we settled on a family favorite, the zoo. We love visiting zoos in new cities that we visit, and the St. Louis zoo did not disappoint! It is always challenging taking three small children to the zoo. Here are some tips: {1}Take the train around first to see which animals you want to visit. We decided on the bears and the big cats.

{2}Visit the big animals early. The morning weather was so nice, but as the day went on it got pretty warm which sent most of the animals inside. {3}Avoid exhibits with crowds. The St. Louis zoo had a sting ray exhibit where you can pet the rays. While tempting,  I was pretty sure my kids would be too scared to actually touch the animals, and the line was really long so we didn't waste our time. {4}Don't forget the obvious. Juice boxes, sunscreen, hats, stroller. These are absolute necessities for happy kids!

{5}Do your research. I found out that the zoo was free but all the extras (train, carousal, animal shows, petting zoo) cost. However, by visiting the website beforehand I knew that most of the kid attractions were free during the first hour the zoo was open. So we were sure to be there right when the doors opened and headed to those exhibits first.

My monkey with the chimps!

My favorite

We've had some crazy weather here in Kansas recently. What should you do if you have a zoo trip planned but get rained out? Here's an idea -

Make a zoo inside!                                                                        

Bear jumped right into the bear cage, and here's Monkey with the monkeys!

Bear enjoying the zoo!

Monkey took her dolls around to see the animals.

The cutest animal in the zoo!

I hope you all make it to the zoo this summer, inside or out!

Elizabeth Ann